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Can More Than One Person
"Bond" With A Horse?

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Hi again ;-)

Can more than one person "Bond" with a horse?????? like both husband and wife?????? Any suggestions on getting to the side or touching more on a horse than just the bridge of his nose...well, he is a mustang and just beginning his gentle, friendly, good natured,not aggressive or mean...eating out of my hand...but all i can pet or touch is the muzzle and bridge of nose....any suggestions would be appreciated....

Yes. Horses can have a number of different relationships just like people.

A group of people can perform the bonder with the same horse. Not only will the horse be able to tell who is higher than he is on the pecking order, he will be able to tell which of the group is the actual leader of the group.

You and your husband, and any children you might have, can perform the bonder / herd dynamics procedure with the horse. This will show the horse that it lies below each person who performs the bonder.

There is a pecking in order in families as well. One member will be the leader. When the family is together with the horse the horse will know who is the actual leader and will respond accordingly.

I demonstrate this at events by taking the horse away from its handler by simply mentally telling the horse to follow me and it does. Since I am the ultimate leader at the events, the horse picks up on it and acknowledges it. I know that I am the ultimate leader at my events because if anyone gives me any grief I head on down the road and the event stops in its tracks. This gives me more confidence than anyone else at the event has and the horse grasps it immediately.

Take him in the enclosure and perform the bonder. When you have him connected, do what you want. If he objects by leaving connect him again, then do what you were doing before again.

Touch what it will let you touch. I'd touch its nose for a few moments then casually expand the touching area then come back to the tolerated area before he realized I had touched where he didn't tolerate it. By then, it'd be too late to respond.

If I wasn't pleased at its willingness to comply I might send it out for a few re-enforcing laps around the enclosure.

Picture the results you want in your mind. I cannot stress the importance of your thought processes enough: If you believe it you will see it.

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