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All 8 Marv Walker Ebooks Set Deal $10

You will not find a more economical horse guru, "horse whisperer," (Man! I hate that term,) or horse person than I am.

Horses have delighted me my whole life and I want to do what I can to make their lives easier.

I provide all of my absolutely guaranteed horse products, DVDs to eBooks at minimal cost. If you do not think they are worth what you paid for them I will refund every cent of your money.

All 8 of my ebooks, one package, one price, $10, a savings of $17.93!!!!

The $10 money saving package deal includes...

  1. My "How To Quickly Get Into The Head Of Any Horse" normally $3.99 ebook.
  2. My "How To Despook Your Horse Using Its Natural Instincts" normally $3.99 ebook.
  3. My "How To Focus The Unfocused Or Buddy Sour Horse" normally $3.99 ebook.
  4. My "How To Find Free Or Nearly Free Horses" normally $3.99 ebook.
  5. My "If The Subject Is Horses - Issue 1 Horses" normally $3.99 ebook.
  6. My "If The Subject Is Horses - Issue 2 Reaing" normally $3.99 ebook.
    My non-horse horse bug book...
  7. My "Great Growling Guineas & Gnarly Gnasty Gnats!!" normally $3.99 ebook.

    And for those who are Biblically minded I'll throw in my free...

  8. My "Water In The Bible"

For fast delivery of your Marv "NoProblemHorses" Walker "All 8 Marv Walker Ebook Package Deal" use the PayPal button below for secure ordering.

If you get a "certificate revocation" notice just continue on through, these are common to the net and seldom mean anything.

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