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$120 Horseman's Must Have 45+ Hour 32 DVD Set

$300 Value for ONLY $120 (Free US Shipping)

These DVDs Will Show How To Get Inside The Head Of Any Horse And Leave Behind Attention, Fear, Respect And Trust Issues.

Horses are genetically pre-programmed to respond to the techniques demonstrated in these DVDs.

This wholesale price set contains 1 copy of **ALL TWENTY-FIVE** of the horse training / connection videos on DVD I currently offer for sale (PLUS 7 MORE "OUTTAKE" DVDs CONTAINING 15 OUTTAKE SEGMENTS FOR A TOTAL OF 32 DVDs!!).

Over 45 hours of powerful practical information that will help you better connect and communicate with all horses. You'll see how to communicate with any horse in a manner it has understood since birth - it'll be like you're right inside its head!

My high-traffic web site receives hits from folks around the world who are seeking help with horse problems. You are invited to join my Facebook Horse Discussion Group.

They email me, call me and come visit me looking for help with their horse problems. They also haul me around the country to do clinics where people bring their horses to me for problem solving or to learn how to develop a closer connection with them.

I'm really quite successful at helping people solve their horse problems and become closer to their horses. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't contact me and say "SoAndSo said I should contact you..."

No brag, just fact.

The key to my success is a simple horse herd dynamics procedure I took directly from the horses themselves.

It came right from the horse's mouth so to speak.

If you watch a group of horses you'll see that for the most part everything is peace and harmony with each horse having its own place in the herd and being satisfied with it.

This placing is the result of a very straight forward process the horses use to discover where they fit in.

They simply talk it out.

They talk it out amongst themselves so subtly that humans miss all but a very little bit of it. Yet the herd members never do. A mere glance, a slight movement or the softest squeal can tell all the other horses exactly what that horse wants. The other horses then tell that horse whether or not the horse can have what it wants.

If they believe the horse is strong enough to take what it wants, they let it do so. If they don't, they resist. And then they work it out amongst themselves.

Horse people see this going on all the time with horses. You have one horse that all the other horses respect. That horse calls all the shots. It sleeps where it wants, it drinks when it wants, it eats the other horses' food as it chooses.

And all the other horses accept that horse's right to do that.

There is no complaining, just acceptance.

In over 50 years of being fascinated with horses I watched them finding their places in their herds. I noticed how a slightly turned back ear told another horse, "Stay away." I saw how a mere glance could move a horse from one place to another. I saw how lesser ranked horses aligned themselves with higher ranked horses.

I would marvel at how simple and effortless it was for them to get along and communicate with each other.

I would watch them interacting and think to myself, "Too bad horses and humans don't have a similar system of communication. Horses seem to be preprogrammed to react in a set manner to a set action. If only I could present those actions to them and have them respond in the same way they do in a herd..."

I thought if I could do that I could quickly establish myself as a lead "horse" and have the horse focused on me and save myself a LOT of horse training time.

Well, lo and behold! I discovered how to do exactly that.

That discovery brought me to a whole new level of horse communication.

And now, I teach others how to do the same thing that has made me rather well known around the world.

This series of DVD videos demonstrate and explain how to use horse herd dynamics to form faster, stronger connections with horses in mere minutes, without touching them or being physically connected to them.

Yep. That's right. Mere minutes.

Without touching them or being physically connected to them.

No wearing you or the horse out.

Mere minutes that will help horses leave behind attention, fear, trust and respect problems.

My videos are not glossy professional eye candy productions. They are not intended to be pretty, merely dispense some powerful information. In fact I call them "Wartznall Productions."

They are what I call "tractor" quality, nothing fancy but they turn over some ground.

Well, I do package them in nice shiny plastic closeable cases so you can keep them clean in the dirtiest tack box.

These videos are "clinics in a box." They are unedited, beginning to end, whatever happens, happens, videos. They show you how to work with what you have.

The information laid out and demonstrated step by step in these videos will bring you to a new level of horse communication and connection ability few horse people have.

These videos will help you achieve amazing success by showing you how to communicate with horses on the horses' level. They are the core of natural horsemanship basics.

The Horseman's Must Have 25 DVD (Plus 7 Outtake DVDs) video set is 45+ Hours of herd dynamic actions presentation and demonstration.

The concepts in this set will tremendously increase your understanding and interaction with horses. The material in this DVD set is no nonsense, in-depth information - no smoke and mirrors, no mystery, no fancy finger wiggling. What you see is unedited, unscripted, unrehearsed and are actual work sessions. You get to see the ebb and flow, the good with the bad and how the bad becomes good.

This DVD set comes with an iron clad can't go wrong guarantee... If you don't think the information it contains is worth what you paid for it, simply email or contact me for a refund.

To order your "Horseman's Must Have 25 DVD (Plus 7 Outtake DVDs) Set" send $120 (free US shipping, $10 elsewhere) to:

Marv Walker
1202 Old Agateville Road
Hillsboro, GA 31038

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