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Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes Horsemanship consists of quick, simple, no force or restraint, guaranteed problem solving and connection enhancing techniques for horse lovers.

Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes Horsemanship events are go-with-the-flow sessions (usually two-days) where hands-on participants learn how to work with any horse problem, no matter what the problem may be. The events are designed to greatly increase human/horse communication skills and to show how . the enhanced skills can be fitted to any horse/human situation to resolve problems and speed training.

No two events are the same because of the number of horse and handler possible combinations who attend. What is always the same is seeing how the same concepts and techniques can be applied to a wide variety of situations.

The bonder of course will be covered because establishing a connection with the horse is always the first step toward building or enhancing a connection. Every hands-on participant will work the bonder procedure with a horse. The primary focus of the events is the establishing of a strong mental connection with (practically) any horse and using that connection to enhance the working relationship with it.

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At a Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes Horsemanship event you will discover how to form an intense mental connection with practically ANY horse and how to use that connection to resolve problems, speed training and enhance horse/human realtionships.

At the conclusion of a Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes Horsemanship event you will have a much deeper understanding of troubleshooting the troubled horse and mentally connecting with horses in general. At the conclusion of a Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes Horsemanship event you will have the resources that will put your horse awareness so far ahead of the huge majority of horse people. You will find few situations you cannot dramatically improve.

If at the conclusion of an event, if you do not think you have gotten more than your money's worth, see me at the end of the event for a refund.

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There are currently no public events scheduled at this time.

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