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Great Growling Guineas
& Gnarly Gnasty Gnats!!

"Everything You Need To Know, And Much More,
To Protect Youself And Your Loved Ones
From The Guinea Glory Cult" e-book ONLY $3.99

This ebook is an incredibly serious confession of one man's disgraceful doomed dalliance into the world of Helmeted guinea fowl that everyone seems to think is humorous for some reason. They wouldn't if they were that one man.

Helmeted Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris) have a very large cult following. Guinea believers preach the ugly looking birds are the answer to everything that's bugging you from ticks to toads to tsunamis and athelete's foot. They testify the birds continually seek out infectious insects of every kind and description. To hear the acolytes say it the fowl's single minded vermin focus is the answer to the infesting insect plagues in every back yard and farm yard in America.

Guinea believers fervently feel the only reason America is not debugged is there simply aren't enough guinea believers in the world to protect enough guineas needed to do the job.

True guinea believers believe guineas are the answer to every problem known to man.

One gains great respect and rewards as a member of the Cult Of The Guinea for honoring guineas in any way shape or form. Things like praise websites, favorable articles - no matter how made up or exaggerated, positive perjury or other feathery fluff are greeted with back pats, kudos and luxurious mental, social and physical rewards.

The Guinea Cult life is seductive. All you can think of is your next flutter once you have taken part in a Guinea Gushing and felt the flutters above you. You want to keep your guinea brethren close to you at all times so you can feel the warmth of the next flutter.

You see it's a short flight from receiving warmth to taking heat. You don't want anyone in the guinea world to even slightly suspect you may be getting cold or feeling a bit of a chill to the adored bird. If anyone suspects you are not tightly gripping the perch they will shove you out from under the Guinea Cult wing and you won't even hear the flap of the wing that separates you from the guinea group. No more back rubs, praises, awards or living the high flying Guinea Cult life. And there is the most feared part of Guinea Cult shunning - there will be no more flutters.

The loss of flutters fear is the guinea glue that binds the Guinea Cult together. Once the boy feels the flutters it is nearly impossible for the boy to return back to the normal world.

I said, "Nearly impossible."

Once every thousand years or so, one of the Guinea Cult hears the music of the greater guinea good and puckers up his lips and begins to whistle; a note here, a note there and before he realizes what has happened he has sung the sordid sonnet and the Guinea Cult has shunned him so thoroughly it's as if he never existed.

In this sordid tale a pigeon sails into the Guinea Cult flight of fancy and discovers birds of a feather flock together alright. He discovers they flock together to pluck pigeons one peck at a time.

This a downloadable digital e-book you can save on your computer to read over and over.

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