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Hosting A Marv Walker Event In Your Area

I have decided it's time to get back out into the field and schedule some Connection & Correction Events where we bring in a group of horses, learn how to use herd dynamics to form a rapid mental connection with any horse and use that connection to uncover and quickly get past attention, trust, fear, respect and behavioral issues.

I provide very intensive, jam-packed, go with the flow connection & problem solving sessions. I'll teach you how to take on *any* horse / handler / rider problem to come through the gate. Everything is dedicated to improving your horse relationships.

I can teach you how to get inside the head of any horse in a matter of minutes to cement communication. Ground work, saddle work, fears, your horse's physical status, you name it. You tell me what you need, we'll work on it.

Your horse handling confidence will shoot into the clouds.

No other clinician provides as much ready-to-use information as I will. You WILL have demonstrated to yourself that you can produce the same kind of results I do every time. Time after time people tell me how they were able to confidently and effectively use my techniques to produce dramatic results in horses as soon as the sessions were over.

No matter what your horse skills are, I can share things with you that will help you become even more skilled.

Here's my phone number - 706 816-7190 Give me a call and we'll see what we can put together. If you miss me, not likely, leave your number and I'll return your call. I don't return missed calls from outside the US so it's best to email me and we'll set up a time to call so you won't miss me.

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For Further Information Contact Marv Walker 706 816-7190 Call anytime, but evenings 9 to 12 PM EST are best.
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