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"How To Quickly Get Into The Head Of Any Horse" eBook $3.99

"How To Despook Your Horse Using Its Natural Instincts" eBook $3.99

"How To Focus The Unfocused Or Buddy Sour Horse" eBook $3.99

"If The Subject Is Horses - Issue 1 Horses" eBook $3.99

"How To Find Free Or Nearly Free Horses!" eBook $3.99

"EVERYTHING You NEED TO KNOW About Guineas!" eBook $3.99

Marv Walker Educational Videos

Mentally Connecting With The Adult Horse

Mentally Connecting With The Immature Horse

Focusing The Unfocused Horse aka Dealing With The Buddy Sour Horse

Guaranteed Horse Despooking ~ How To Despook Any Horse

How To Teach Your Horse To Give To Pressure And Build Softness

Drive 101 ~ Beginning Ground Driving With Your Horse

Lunge 101 ~ Starting Your Horse On The Lunge, Longe, Long Or Whatever Line

Lunge 101.2 ~ My Second Starting Your Horse On The Lunge, Longe, Long Or Whatever Line

Troubleshooting Physical Issues In Horses

Teaching Foals To Lead When They're Bigger Than You Are


The first thing to consider when your horse comes down with a skin condition is a little commonly ignored parasite known as NeckThread Worms or Onchocerca Microfilariae. You can find it listed in the effectiveness information found on the side of the wormer box as "Onchocerca."

The ropers snickered and slapped their chaps with glee as she grabbed a halter and walked toward the mule. Minutes later they were open mouthed watching it trailered up the drive.

I have known many horses who hated men in my time, I've only known one who hated women...

Trouble-Free Longeing.

Sensing And Acting On A Horse's Energy Flow

Controlling A Horse Wherever You Are At

Annie, The Blind 2007 Quarter Horse Mare by Nancy Dyer

The Importance Of Caution Around Horses

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Introduction To Marv Walker The Horseperson

How My Nearly 50 Years Of Horses Can Be Yours In Two Days...

Two Little Known "Secrets" About Horses

Join A Super Bunch Of Folks Discussing Horse Stuff

My First Ever Clinic Nov. 14-15, 98 Madison, GA

The Bird Feeder Horse Lesson

Natural Horsemanship Stumps

Understanding Physical Discipline From The Horse's Perspective

Dealing With The Horse Who Will Only Face Or Flee

My Colt Practices Breeding Techniques On Unsuspecting Humans

Questions About A Horse Attack

What Is This Horse Looking For, Anyway?

"Whoooeee! I Told You She's A Kicker!"

Just When You Think You've Seen It All...

Horse Problems Can You Help?

Ordering Your Horse Off A Showroom Floor

Making The Wrong Thing Hard, The Right Thing Easy

Speaking Horse

When A Whip Is Not A Whip

What Should I Have Done?

Naming Your Horse After A Weather Pattern

Four Letter Horse Breed Name

My Horse Eats Old Hay Off The Ground

The Answer Is Not Love

Who's Better Scared, You Or Your Horse?

Only One Thing Left

Horse Lays Down On Rider

When A Good Horse Goes Bad!

Crazy Arabs

Bitin' Horses And Bitin' Birds!

Sounds Worse Than It Was

Saddled With A Sad Saddle!

The Horse With Low Handler Expectations

A Korn Ewe Kopia Of Things!

One Of Us Is Beating The Daylights Out Of The Other

My Horse Won't Get Up When I Approach

The Right Mindset For Dealing With Horses

Bonder User Pleased With Results. Now What?

Big Gelding Strikes On The Longe

Cushings Induced Aggression In Horses

And Still More On Rearing Horses

When Little Ponies Become Big Bullies

"She's Not My Horse Any More - I Want Her Back "

Rodney - "Has My Number And It Ain't Addin' Up."

Lucy - "Only Stays On The Bit For A Few Seconds"

Diamond - Rearing, bucking, sour attitude

Bucking Can Be A Pain In The Back

Why Does This Horse Buck Unpredictably?

Possum Playing Percheron

Rearing In The Roping Box

Help! Do I Have A Stubborn Horse?

Dealing With Super Human-Aggressive Horses

Young Horse Regresses After Herd Change

Picking The Winner Of A Horse Race

The Horse That Won't Stand For Mounting

10 Year Old Morgan Gelding Goes As He Pleases

The Case Of The Head-Butting Horse

Avoiding Mental And Physical Problems When Working Young Horses

Never Send Your Horse To A Trainer

Horse Kicks At Stomach While Moving Under Saddle

Shall We Keep A Blind Horse?

My Foal Acts Frighteningly Foolish

Horse Bucks During Rider's Longe Riding Lesson

Horse Afraid Of The Water

Horse Backs Up When It's Sposed To Go Forward

Longeing Difficult Horses

Devices That Cure Bad Habits And Bucking

Horses Who Spook For No Apparent Reason

Horses Who Attack

Dealing With Horse To Human Aggression

Horses Who Pin Or Lay Their Ears Back

Bite Realignment ` Incisors

When And How To Hit A Horse

The Case Of The Flipping Horse

Why Horses Rear

Rearing In The Recovering Horse

The Horse Who Loves To Rear

Make It Clear You're No Deer

Trail Riding Safety - Coming Back In Your Saddle And Not Draped Over It

Inter-Species Communication - Mental Messaging

What Can The Heavier Rider Do When Confidence Slips?

Marv, All I Ever Hear About Is The Bonder. What Else Do You Do Beyond The Bonder? Can You Train Bull-Fighting Horses?

When Your Green Or Any Other Color Horse Bucks At The Lope And Makes You Feel Yellow

Dealing With The Turnout Bolter

Thoughts On Horse Who Bolt Under Saddle

Horse All Go No Whoa Woes

My Horse Challenges Me Constantly

An Example Of Acting Like A Lead Horse Would Act

Headshaking In Horses

Respect Issues ~ The Number One Horse Problem

Getting The Respect You Deserve From A Horse

Getting Your Horse To Take The Bit by Katie Colton

Breaking A Horse To Saddle In Under 30 Minutes

Despooking The Horse

A Bonder Command Performance At Daymark Farm ~ July 11, 1998

When A Horse Needs A Sense Of Place

Horse Herd Dynamics In Action

Human Memory Triggers

Good Horse ~ Bad Attitude

Curing Ring Sour Game Horses

Taking Your Appendix(qh) Out On The Road

Lightning Unlikely Cause Of Loading Problem

Horse Tries To Roll On You

Mutton Whithered Horses

My Horse Insists On Backing Up

Fear Of Riding

Making Whiskey Sour

Sometimes It's The Owner

Confidence, Bucking And Bolting

Pain And/Or Respect Handling Problems

How do I separate cues?

Four Causes Of Aggression.

My Horse Turns And Kicks At Me

Puttin Up With A Really Grumpy Mare

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~~Herd Dynamics~~

Herd Dynamics: Introduction

Herd Dynamics: Take Rights Or Honor Them

Herd Dynamics: The Effect Of Fear

Herd Dynamics: Fear Is A Product Of Choice

Herd Dynamics: Effective Leadership Is Neither Dictatorship Or Domination

Herd Dynamics: The Variables Of fear

Herd Dynamics: Questions And Comments Of Readers

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~~Bonder Related ~~

What It Means When Horses Lick And Chew

Doing The Bonder On Babies By Kellie Sharpe

How Do You Know When The Bonder Connection Is Made?

Controlling The Horse's Speed During The Bonder

Addressing Some Bonder Nuance Questions

Horse Regressing After Bonder

Can More Than One Person "Bond" with a horse?

Young Horse Behavior During "Bonder" & Other Times

Doing The Bonder On A Leadline

One Problem The Bonder Corrects Or Eliminates All By Itself

I Believe My Horse Is "Lying" During The Bonder

The On Again, Off Again "Bondered" Horse

When And How To Address A Problem In A "Bonded" Horse

Controlling The Uncontrollable Horse During The Bonder

Bonding With 4 Bonded Semi Wild Mares

Bonding With A Bad One

A Bonder Session Report

Why Have I Failed To Bond With My Horse?

Bonding & Respect Questions

I Have Done The Bonder, It Doesn't Work

Bonder Success Sequence?

My Horse Won't Move Out For The Bonder

After The Bonder...Then What?

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Training Your Horse

Conformation Is So Important In Horse Training

How Old Should My Horse Be Before Starting?

Inconsistent Gait Correction

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General Stuff

Bible, Studies, Passages And Comments

The Deputy Just Left...

Fighting Depression

Not Even One Little Rodent In Sight

Dianna Dandridge-Rystrom ~ The Circle Of Horses

Fatty Fitzgerald And Fred

Polly The Beloved

Inside Of Horses Outside Of Men

The Giant Mr. Jigs

Bart And Soupy The Outlaw Mare

Bella The Circus Pony

Casper The Unloved Horse

A Bullet For Chester

Rosie In My Pocket

My Beautiful Shiloh

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