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"How To Teach Your Horse Patience"

"How To Teach Your Horse Patience" is the 2nd DVD in a continuing series of horse training videos I started where I take a minimally handled 4 year old Morgan stallion and turn him into a nice all around connected saddle, driving and pulling horse. Patience is a real asset in any horse no matter what you are doing with it.  A patient horse is much easier and safer to handle and train.

I say, "started" because I did start the series and I had every intention of continuing it except that life and other people's horses keep getting in the way and someone paid us to let him live somewhere else. Anyway, this was the second video in the series.

This DVD covers an actual hands on un-rehearsed and un-edited session with nuts and bolts explanation and how-to demonstration showing how to teach your horse patience.

My DVDs are real time, Wartznall productions. They are not intended to look pretty, just dispense powerful information. They are "tractor" videos, they turn over some ground. If something happens that makes me look bad, oh well, you're going to see how to deal with that as well. I work with what I have available when I work. As I say up front in all my video copy, my videos are backyard productions filmed as they happen under actual unrehearsed conditions by anyone I can browbeat into operating the camera (I need to make more friends). They are amateur with a capital A. They are not glitzy but they do turn over some ground. If I can browbeat me a camera operator, I have an operator who may or may not have any idea what a camcorder is.. If not, I set the camera on a tripod as best I can and let'er roll as I work which is exactly what I did with this video.

My name is Marv Walker and I am a horse person of some reknown. I work with problem horses around the world and I'm very good at it (no brag, just fact). gets over a ton of hits a year from folks all around the world seeking horse handling information.

But don't take my word for it. Click here to check out my eBay feedback. Out of thousands of video sales on eBay I have only had 10 negatives. I've had roughly 20 neutrals and most of them just repeated what I say in the video copy, "They're amateur productions."   Duh!!

Which is why I offer this unmatched absolutely no risk guarantee:

If for ANY reason you do not think my videos are worth what you pay for them you just let me know and I will refund EVERY cent of your money. Take it to the bank. Period. End of guarantee.

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