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Rearing In Horses DVD

A very high percentage of people who contact me have a rearing problem with their horse. The horse rears when ridden, when it's being led, when asked to do something it doesn't want to do or it is a month with a Monday in it. Regardless of when or why it rears people with rearing horses want specific solutions to their problem.

And I don't blame them because rearing is a very dangerous behavior.

However, unless I'm there to see the culprit in action all I can do is guess based upon what I'm told. You see, horses rear for a variety of reasons and knowing as many of those reasons as possible brings you a lot closer to determining the cause and cure.

This DVD, "Rearing In Horses," discusses some of the most likely reasons horses rear. There are no demonstrations in the DVD actually dealing with rearing horses because at the moment I have no rearing horses. I discuss the subject of rearing in the hopes of giving the viewer some insight into the problem of rearing in hopes they may find a clue as to why their horse rears or to give them a place to start if their horse begins the behavior.

For years I have been offering very reasonably priced videos based on my horse training / connection concepts covered on and demonstrated in clinics, personal appearances and my private work.

I have somewhat of a world wide reputation for working with horses and my homemade Wartznall videos have been very well received around the world. Of the 1000s I have sold through eBay alone I have so few Negative Feedback it's like I've had none at all. That pretty much speaks for itself. I offer an UNCONDITIONAL No-Risk Guarantee - If you don't think my videos are worth what you paid for them, let me know and I'll refund EVERY cent of your money! What other clinician makes that offer?

I make every effort to provide what I know at the lowest cost possible. That's why my videos are backyard, shot as they happen the way they happen with whoever I can get to operate the camera. I want to keep the costs down and that means they aren't Hollywood glitz and glamour. My videos are what I call "tractor quality." They may not be pretty but they sure plow up some ground. They are intended to convey powerful useful information you can use right away, not entertainment.

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