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Solving A Mysterious Horse Problem

Few things are more frustrating, expensive, and time consuming than mysterious horse issues. Something is just not right with your horse and pretty much everyone has an idea that when explored seems to go nowhere or make any sense. You can take your horse to five professionals and each will focus on a different area.

To a farrier almost all horse problems are farrier problems. To a veterinarian almost all horse problems are a medical problem. To a trainer almost all horse problems are a training problem. To a riding instructor almost all horse problems are a riding problem.

See the trend? One tends to diagnose what one deals with every day.

Horse owners are not likely to take their horse to the vet and say, "Dobbin is a little short-strided on his left hind." If they do the vet is very likely to perform all kinds of tests on the left hind and will quite often announce, "I can't find any reason for the problem, let's try this..."

That is because the issue may very well be in the right shoulder or somewhere else in the horse.

Since all parts of the horse are interconnected with each other all parts of the horse are dependent on each other. An ear problem can cause a hoof problem, a hoof problem can cause an ear problem. Any horse problem can be caused by a number of problems, any horse problem can cause a number of other seemingly unrelated horse problems.

The mysterious issue can be any where in the horse and appear anywhere else in the horse. The abnormality may not be where it presents.

If you have a mysterious horse problem that you have been unable to solve I can guide and work with you through a multi-faceted entire horse trouble shooting system that may bring us to a resolution.

You and I will work very closely together to explore some or all of the cause possibilities. Nothing is off the table. There is a wide-range potential causes that should be examined. We will examine a number of different factors that hopefully will allow us to zone in on a resolution.

Depending on the mysterious issue we will go over a number of searches for the possible causes of the issue.

The very first thing I'll guide you in is assessing the horse's energy field to discover any energy disruptions that may be interfering with the the horse's energy flow. ALL beings have an energy flow much like the North South magnetic flow of the earth where each cell of the horse communicates with every other cell of the horse. I'll show you how to develop your own energy sensing ability and how to chart your results. You and I will take the results into consideration and use them to zone in on potential trouble areas.

You and I will also go over the horse's conformation at rest and then assess the horse's movements to see how its conformation affects its movements. You and I will carefully examine its pics and any videos of the horse's movements. We may examine the horse's movements during gaits, both tacked or untacked. We will also use tracking to examine the marks the horse's footfalls leave on the earth. Nothing moves on the face of the earth without leaving readable marks, hoofprints can tell us a lot of what goes on in the horse. Many being's issues show up in its tracks.

You and I will also mentally split the horse the horse side to side and compare each side of the horse to the other. Whatever we find on one side of the horse we should find on the other side of the horse.

If you have a mysterious horse problem feel free to contact me. You will know more about your horse than you ever thought possible.

Most of the time I can help remotely but if you prefer I can work on site as well. Here is an example of an extremely puzzling remote case that turned into an on-site case - The Chicago Gaiting Problem.

If you have any questions or comments Click here to email me.

Should you wish to talk to me personally you may call me at 706 816-7190. You may call anytime but 9pm - 12pm EST increases the odds of catching me inside. If you miss me, leave a voicemail and I'll return your call. I do not return International calls, if you are calling from outside the U.S., Email me to set up a calling time to make sure I'll be by the phone when you call. Or you can find me on Facebook at Marv Walker Horses.

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