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Taming Any Kind Of Wild Trailer
And Putting The %^&$#@ Thing
Where You Want It To Go Video

The Secrets Of Putting Your Trailer In Its Place

This Video Gets Your Trailer Off Your Nerves

I'm stunned at how many times I had to drive the trailers in and out of the drive at the old farm for other people. The only problem with the driveway was that it looked intimidating because there were some scrub bushes growing at each side of the entrance. Most of the people who are concerned about making the drive have made narrower ones in the past, but because they focus on a couple of little shrubs, they have doubts.

One lady who was so concerned about those shrubs decided to go down between two buildings, hitting one of them, rather than back her trailer in a large open field to get a straight on shot at the driveway.

The biggest problem with trailers is the fear of backing them. Folks often get so concerned about having to back them that it affects their driving them forward.

Among other things I show you in this video is the secret of backing them. It is so simple and straight forward that you'll slap your forehead and go, "DUH!!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!"

This video will show you how to tame your trailer.

If you are having any kind of behavioral problems with your horse trailer, this video is for you. This video will help enhance your trailer relationships.

The information in this video will bring you to a new level of trailer communication and connection ability few horse people have.

This video will help you achieve amazing success by showing you how to communicate with trailers on the trailers' level.

This VHS video is titled "Taming The Wild Horse Trailer." It is a "lecture" video where I stand at a dry erase board show how to get the results you want from your trailer. I was going to shoot the actual driving but a few moments of camera movement showing you what I can tell you just as well would have you thinking about giving back your lunch. The secrets of dealing with trailers that have a mind of their own are so simple you don't actually need to be shown them in action.

My videos are not glossy professional productions. They are not intended to be pretty, merely dispense some powerful information. In fact I call them "Wartznall Productions."

They are what I call "tractor" quality, nothing fancy but they turn over some ground.

The videos are "clinics in a box."

This video comes with an iron clad can't go wrong guarantee...If you don't think the information it contains is worth what you paid for it, simply email or contact me for a refund.

If you have any questions or comments Click here to email me.

Should you feel the need to talk to me personally about this video you may call me at 706 816-7190. You may call anytime but 9pm - 12pm EST increases the odds of catching me inside.

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