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EVERY video, EVERY eBook on this site is available on a no obligation basis. You may share the info at will, I'd appreciate it if you would try to include the source, This is a large site, I am working on removing all price points, if you come across something you cannot access for some reason, email me, and I'll take care of it.

Should you find something of value and you feel the urge to contribute to the site you can send whatever you like to at

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No Obligation eBooks

No Obligation Marv Walker Educational Videos

These videos have been produced over a 30 year or so time period with various kinds of equipment. The quality of some may not be up to today's standards but the information is very bit as applicable today as it was the day it was recorded.

The list below is in the process of being worked on and added to. Should you have any problem accessing any of the videos listed feel free to email me or contact me by phone at 706 816-7190 and I'll correct the problem.

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