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"How To Form An Intense Mental Connection With Practically ANY Adult Horse In Less Time Than It Takes To Clean A Bridle!"

Use A Horse's Own Instincts To Get Inside Its Head!

Simple procedure raises you to a new level of horse communication.

How would you like to take pretty much any horse in the world and form a strong mental connection with it in just a few minutes?

And do it without even touching it?!!

That's right. Without even touching it!

Imagine being able to have any horse, that is not mentally ill or hormonally unbalanced, focused on you awaiting your direction in mere minutes!

Mere minutes, without touching it.

Mere minutes that will help the horse leave behind attention, fear, trust and respect problems.

Impossible? Not at all thanks to a simple procedure that the horses themselves use with each other.

My name is Marv Walker. People come to my web site,, from around the world who are seeking help with horse training and horse problems.

They email me, call me and come visit me looking for help with their horse problems. They also haul me around the country to do clinics where people bring their horses to me and private work where people bring me to their horses, for problem solving or to learn how to develop a closer connection with them.

I'm really quite successful at helping people solve their horse problems and become closer to their horses. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't contact me and say "SoAndSo said I should contact you..."

No brag, just fact.

The key to my success is a simple horse herd dynamics procedure I took directly from the horses themselves that allows me to connect with practically any horse that is not mentally ill or hormonally unbalanced..

This procedure came right from the horse's mouth so to speak.

If you watch a group of horses you'll see that for the most part everything is peace and harmony with each horse having its own place in the herd and being satisfied with it.

This placing is the result of a very straight forward process the horses use to discover where they fit in.

They simply talk it out.

They talk it out amongst themselves so subtly that humans miss all but a very little bit of it. Yet the herd members never do. A mere glance, a slight movement or the softest squeal can tell all the other horses exactly what that horse wants. The other horses then tell that horse whether or not the horse can have what it wants.

If they believe the horse is strong enough to take what it wants, they let it do so. If they don't, they resist. And then they work it out amongst themselves.

Horse people see this going on all the time with horses but hardly ever understand what's going on.

You have one horse that all the other horses respect. That horse calls all the shots. It sleeps where it wants, it drinks when it wants, it eats the other horses' food as it chooses.

And all the other horses accept that horse's right to do that.

There is no complaining, just acceptance.

In over 60 years of horses I watched them finding their places in their herds. I noticed how an ear slightly turned back told another horse, "Stay away." I saw how a mere glance could move a horse from one place to another. I saw how lesser ranked horses aligned themselves behind the higher ranked horses.

I would marvel at how simple and effortless it was for them to get along and communicate with each other.

I would watch them interacting and think to myself, "Too bad horses and humans don't have a similar system of communication. Horses seem to be preprogrammed to react in a set manner to a set action. If only I could present those actions to them and have them respond in the same way they do in a herd."

I thought if I could do that I could quickly establish myself as a lead "horse" and have the horse focused on me and save myself a LOT of horse training time.

You see I had kind of a local reputation at the time as one who was able to get inside a horse's head. But it wasn't easy and took a lot of time. I'd just keep working with a horse until one day it would almost scream at me, "You moron! I have this! I have had it for a long time! I don't know what else I can do to tell you that!"

And at that point, I'd pat myself on the back and think, "About time."

Actually the connection had been made long before but I missed it. I was too busy trying to reinvent the wheel.

I was wasting time trying to establish a connection I already had because I didn't understand what the horses were trying to tell me or for that matter, what I was telling the horse.

Eventually the horse and I would work out a happy medium in dealing with each other.

And then came the day I realized there was a faster, easier, more predictable way to connect with horses.

I was watching the horses after just finishing a horse training book. Wasn't much of a book, but I'm a voracious reader and read everything I can in hopes of finding something useful. In the whole book there were only a couple of things worth reading and they were things I'd already observed but the book shed a new light on them. As I watched and pondered, my usual train of thought was running, "It's almost as if they are genetically preprogrammed to respond to those actions in a set manner. If I could only become a horse."

And I thought, "Why can't I become a horse?"

I'd seen Canada geese drawn to decoys the size of an SUV. I'd seen moose defer to guys holding larger antlers on their heads than the moose had on theirs. I'd read about Indians moving unnoticed among buffalo while crawling on their hands and knees with buffalo hides draped over themselves. I'd seen ostrich confuse bent over people holding a plunger above their heads and a corn broom for a tail with other ostrich. I's watched videos of immature condors respond to hand puppets. For a few years we raised exotic parrots from incubation to maturity and the birds identified more with people than they did those of their own species.

"Why couldn't the same concept work with horses?" I asked myself.

It was like a lightning bolt went off in my head!

I INSTANTLY knew I could use those same actions I'd seen horses use amongst themselves to quickly produce a focused, connected horse.

I'd simply present the horses with the same actions I saw the lead horses present. I KNEW other horses would respond exactly the same way they did to a lead horse. Horses were so responsive to those actions I was certain they wouldn't stop to sort out who or what was presenting them.

My only problem was figuring out how to tell whether or not what I was doing was working.

I had just finished a book by the main media darling at the time and the only thing that I found worthwhile in that thing was a line about the "acknowledging ear."

"Someone else has noticed that!" I thought to myself.

At that moment ***I KNEW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT*** I could accomplish in minutes what had taken me months, sometimes even years to accomplish.

Within minutes after putting the book down I was heading to the barn and I glanced over and saw our most troublesome old show horse.

She was a real pain, dangerous to handle, dangerous to ride. She had spent 16 years of her life as a trainer's ace in the hole. He would take her to every show he took client's horses to. If he was having a ribbon drought with his training horses he'd saddle or harness the mare and enter her in a bunch of classes. If he was still on her back or in the cart at the end of the class they invariably placed in the top three.

He threw away every ribbon that wasn't blue and he'd hang the blue ribbons, coolers, silver plates and what have you on his stall drapes. Folks walking by would oooohh and ahhhh what a great trainer he was and never once stop to consider all those awards may have come from one ace in the hole horse. We stopped breeding the show horses and he wanted to keep her in his barn. When the trainer burnt out we brought her back home to spend her last days with the rest of our retired show stock.

All those years in the show barn had left their mark on her.

The trainer told us to not let anyone ride her. When the trainer's brother unloaded her and handed me the leadline he said, "I rode that horse, once." My business partner told me her ride on the horse years before was a "religious experience. I said, 'Just let me off and I'll never ask for anything again.'" Her husband said, "My ride was like a motorcycle with a stuck throttle and no brakes."

I announced I'd ride her and everyone questioned my sanity, including me if the truth be known. I viewed her as the epitome of my horse career, if I accomplished nothing else, riding her would be my touchstone.

I decided at that moment to put some leading manners on her. I took her from the pasture and took her into the round pen.

I started mimicking a lead horse telling a new horse I was the boss and calling all the shots.

In about 5 minutes I had a completely different horse.

I was so elated by my discovery that I wandered around that pen muttering, "D$%#! D$%#! D$%#!" with her in my back pocket.

From that day on she was my favorite all time trail horse. I'd ride in some pretty remote places (I even did much of it asleep in the saddle) and she was the most dependable and easy going horse I have ever ridden.

Around that time I did a little work with other folks' horse problems and had made a few suggestions to other folks on some Internet horse email lists I was on at the time who were having horse problems. Then the "Horse Whisperer" craze hit and the media came calling.

Next thing you know folks from all over the world are contacting me with horse questions.

All because of a simple little procedure that you can learn in a few minutes.

There have been a lot of horses since then and the procedure that has come to be known around the world as Marv Walker's Bonder has never failed me. It works today like it did the first time I used it.

Quite a number of the folks who sent for a text copy of the procedure I'd put on the Internet began hounding me for videos and after putting it off for a few years, I began putting them together.

This video is titled "How To Form An Intense Mental Connection With Practically ANY Adult Horse In Less Time Than It Takes To Clean A Bridle!" or "Mentally Connecting With Adult Horses..." for short.

My videos are not glossy professional productions. They are not intended to be pretty, merely dispense some powerful information. In fact I call them "Wartznall Productions." They are what I call "tractor" quality, nothing fancy but they turn over some ground. They are filmed with minimal editing as they happen, what you see is what you get. My videos are "clinics in a box."

This video provides in-depth coverage of the practical application of herd dynamics. This is the procedure responsible for the growth of my site and the consistent results I'm able to produce. This procedure will work with any horse not mentally ill or hormonally unbalanced and will produce a connected, focused horse.

You will plainly see horses are genetically preprogrammed to respond to the herd dynamics procedure demonstrated on this video. This procedure will help you leave behind attention, fear, respect and trust problems.

Whether you are having trouble with halter, bridle, saddle, grooming or brush, leg wrap or shipping boot issues, or you just want to interact with horses a little better, this video is for you. Reining or roping, dressage or driving, this video will help enhance your horse relationships.

The information laid out and demonstrated step by step in this video will bring you to a new level of horse communication and connection ability few horse people have.

This video will give you a deeper understanding of herd dynamics, one of the main components in natural horsemanship techniques.

This video will help you achieve amazing success by showing you how to communicate with horses on the horses' level.

Click here to download your no obligation copy of Mentally Connecting With Any Horse

If you have any questions or comments Click here to email me.

Should you feel the need to talk to me personally about this video you may call me at 706 816-7190. You may call anytime but 9pm - 12pm EST increases the odds of catching me inside.

Thanks for reading this far,

Marv Walker
706 816-7190

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