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Image of Getting Inside The Head Of Any Horse e-book cover.

Click here to download your no obligation copy Mentally Connecting With Any Horse

How To Get Inside The Head
Of Any Horse In Minutes And Build An Intense Mental Connection

"Everything You Need To Know, And Much More, To Get Into Any Horse's Head" eBook

Getting inside the head of a horse is absolutely necessary for bringing out the best in both horse and human. The more mentally connected they are to each other (or as we humans like to say, “bonded”), the better the communication between the two. In a mentally connected relationship the constant exchange of information overcomes trust, fear, confusion and anxiety issues. When these barriers are dealt with, rapid progress can be made because the time wasted on the “just doesn’t seem to get it” obstacles is spent far more productively. Since a mentally connected relationship improves as it ages, camaraderie and learning speed increases. This book puts you inside the head of any horse raises you and your horse to the next level of communication.

"How To Get Inside The Head Of Any Horse In Minutes" 95 page e-book contains absolutely, positively, everything you need to know, and more, to get inside the head of any horse in minutes. It contains the how, who, the why, the where, the when and the what of the herd dynamics, leadership presentation procedure known around the world as Marv Walker's Bonder.

Horses are herd animals and as such are genetically pre-programmed to respond in a specific way to specific actions. This e-book shows you what both those actions and responses are and explains all you need to know to jam your way into the head of any horse without breaking a sweat. The "secrets" inside this e-book will make you into one of those rare individuals who truly understand horses.

This is a "no-sweat" book. There is no reason for you or the horse to get all sweated up or worked up. It is so low-keyed observers will hardly notice what you are doing. But you'll notice everything. You will also begin to notice everything every one else is doing and understand the difficulties they are causing. This book tells you what to do and how to do it, where to do it and why it works to quickly put you into a horse's head as a herd leader.

In Wisconsin the procedure covered in this book caught an "uncatchable" feral horse with solidly burdock matted mane and tail to not only catch him but to un-mat his mane and tail in less than a half hour. In Arizona the procedure turned a "woman hating" horse into an all people friendly horse, caught a mule after a week long unsuccessful attempt by a roper and some buddies and restored a broken horse human relationship - Page 4 in the book - all of these in a few minutes.

This is also the procedure used by 9 year old Breyanna to save her circling the drain relationship with her horse, Jewel, as featured in my video Focusing The Unfocused Horse aka Dealing With The Buddy Sour Horse

Once you have the step by step material in this book down you'll be able to make dramatic positive changes in any horse. You'll join a small percentage of horse people who not only understand the horse's mentality and its instincts, but can use them to create a deep bond. You and the horse will be sharing the same brain.

Click here to download your no obligation copy Mentally Connecting With Any Horse