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EVERY video, EVERY eBook on this site is available on a no obligation basis. You may share the info at will, I'd appreciate it if you would try to include the source, This is a large site, I am working on removing all price points, if you come across something you cannot access for some reason, email me, and I'll take care of it.

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Click here to download your no obligation copy Focusing The Unfocused Buddy Sour Horse

How To Focus The Unfocused Horse (also known as) Dealing With The Buddy Sour Horse e-Book

This e-Book covers working with both unfocused and buddy sour horses.

This ebook is a text commentary of my How To Focus The Unfocused Horse or How To Reach The Buddy Sour Horse video where a little 9 year old terrified girl turns her beloved horse from a horse I could barely handle to a pocket pony in a little over an hour.

She conquers her terror and saves her circling the drain relationship with her horse. She pulls her horse from disaster to delight.

This ebook is a written overview of exactly what the 9 year old did and what the results of her actions were with some commentary by me that expands on what is occurring in the video. This ebook includes background how and why it works nuts and bolts that can't easily be worked into the live as it actually happens video.

This ebook will take the mystery and the frustration out of getting your horse to pay attention to you and ignore all the distractions around it.

Focusing the unfocused horse or reaching the buddy sour horse is so easy a 9 year old can can do it. This 9 year old focused a horse that a little over an hour before made her voice shake with fear.

Like all my horse ebooks, this ebook will take you deep into the world of horses and bring you to a new awareness of yourself and horses.

From the beginning to the end of this ebook each chapter lays out the focusing sequence featured in the video.

Click here to download your no obligation copy Focusing The Unfocused Buddy Sour Horse

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