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The Deputy Just Left...

May 16, 2006

Ol' Observe Every Detail went to grab his air compressor this morning to go join some guys from church to fix one of the elderly member's roof only to find it gone from the spot in the house where he'd been stumbling over it since working on a car a couple of weeks before. That way it would be where he could put his hands on it when he went to help fix the roof.

When you live alone, you kin do that.

His mind flashed back to some days before when he had awoke to discover the front door wide open and thought, "Maybe you just forgot to close the door fully and the wind just may have blown it open." Actually what had happened was a feral cat I'd never seen before had decided to bring her new born kittens to the front door some days before only to bring them in and get them settled down. She would holler to let out and long about 10 each evening she would holler to be let in. One night I opened the door to see if she was out there. She wasn't so I left the door open INTENDING to close it when she came in.

"I hope Wayne brought his compressor because someone saw an opportunity to grab mine at some point," he thought.

In case you haven't figured it out by now I'm the subject. Me, the guy who tells people all around the world to always pay attention to details and notice changes. You know, like be aware of what's going on around you. I'm not real sure how long the compressor had been gone. I did however notice a few days ago there was a book laying where I hadn't put it but then I thought one of the cats or the dog may have knocked it down.

I figured there wasn't any sense in calling the law. There is nothing I hate worse than telling a cop, "Of course I can describe it! It's just like all of the other 25,000 red Porter Cable air compressors in Rockdale County and no, I don't know the last time I really saw it!" I figured they could be standing on it and wouldn't guess it was mine.

When the roof was finished I decided I'd get ready to go to Hillsboro and spend the rest of the day on the tractor Bushhogging the air compressor anger out of my head and as I was finishing up my video orders for the day I happened to notice an empty space where my Sony digital camera and lens assortment sat. I mean, where they formerly sat.

And then I glanced down where all my Sony Handycams used to rest. From there I saw my Sony 6000 3/4" broadcast quality camera had flown the coop as well. And then, I saw the Garrett ADS III quite valuable metal detector was gone from its case. And my video recording sound system.

Suddenly it had gone beyond a run of the mill, can't really tell one from another air compressor...

This is where the deputy finally enters the story.

Nice guy, but not as sharp as one would suspect being an officer of the law 'n all.

He looks me square in the eye and asks, "Do you have a list of the serial numbers for all this stuff?"

What kind of question is that???? That would have been far too foresighted and helpful.


I VERY STRONGLY SUGGEST TO YOU that you get real busy real soon and gather all the serial numbers of your stuff so that when a deputy asks you the dreaded question you won't have to listen to him tell you what a great idea it is even though deep down you already knew it.

What makes this even more annoying is, it is the SECOND time I could have used a serial number list.

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