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Marv Walker Equine Energy Disruption Discovery Clinics

The horse is a little off, something is just not right, it's coming up a little short, it's stiff to one side, just not as cooperative as it usually is and the cause is uncertain. Being able to assess its natural energy field flow can give you a clue where to look for the problem.

I'm not talking auras, spooks, spirits, goblins or other supernatural beings and such things here. I'm talking about the energy pathways that keep every part of the being in contact with every other part of the body and brings everything together.

Every being has a North South energy field somewhat similar to a magnet. The energy flows in a top to bottom field. This is demonstrated by putting metal filings on a piece of paper and then putting a magnet under the paper. The filings will follow the magnetic field of the magnet below in a nice uniform pattern when everything works as it should.

If you take another magnet and hold it firmly against the other magnet the original filing pattern will be disrupted and become irregular. If you were able to change the shape of the either magnet the filings would follow that shape as well.

The magnetic energy of the magnet is indicated by the metal filings as influenced by the magnetic field.

All beings have an energy field. The larger the being the larger the energy field.

As long as the being's energy pathways are functioning correctly and smoothly the being is functioning correctly and smoothly.

In the event of an energy disruption anywhere in the horse the over all energy flow is disrupted and the disruption causes a disturbance in the energy field which can be detected by using another energy field.

Let's say you have a quietly flowing stream where the surface of the flowing water is flat. There are no ripples and often times the stream flows so smoothly you cannot tell it is moving. Drop a large rock into the stream and the water has to go around it. The water coming against the rock has to push its way against the water flowing beside it and it creates a disturbance beside, behind, ahead, and above of the rock. Add another rock alongside the first and the disturbance increases even if it away from the first because now we have several streams of water. The more rocks the greater the disturbance and eventually you may have rapids where the water boils.

Now, our being's "rocks" are kicks, inflammations, irritations, pretty much anything. An impact to the shoulder, for instance, interferes with the energy flow, and as it makes its way around the trouble area the energy is disrupted. This disruption can easily be sensed by anyone aware of the possibility.

I have attained the ability to walk alongside a horse and sense disruptions without even touching it.

The first thing I do with a new horse is to check its energy field close up. I have yet to be unable to personally teach others how to conclusively do it.

I rub both of my hands together to equalize the energy in my hands. Once you gain sensing experience you may not have to equalize your hands but initially it just fine tunes up your receptiveness. I then place one hand onto the being, kind of like a ground post completing a circuit on an electric fence. Again, once you have gained sensing experience, you may not need to "ground" out, just like a sensitive horse can tell if the fence is on or not simply by being near it.

I go over the horse with my hand a little above the horse being very careful to not touch it with my hand.

What I am looking for are changing sensations in my sensing hand. It could be any change in the sensations of my hand. It might feel like very dull needles pressing into my hand. It could feel like a feeling of warmth, like bubbles you feel when you hold your hand just over a glass of soda, a very slight tingling, the hairs on your sensing hand could stand up like your hair when a balloon is rubbed against it.

When I feel a sensation I know I have come across an energy disruption where the body has a problem and is trying to correct itself.

Indicators of the energy disturbances may also come from the horse itself because your energy reacts to the being's energy just like one magnet acting on another. It may look around at your hand, it's ears may go back, the skin beneath your hand may quiver like a fly is landing on it, the hair may lift either slightly or obviously, and the horse may move even away from your hand, or the hair might appear to change color.

And energy disruptions may be visible without any physical sensing. If an affected area is drawn up the tissues tend to pull on the areas making the hair draw up. Making the hair draw up makes it lay different than the hair around the disruption and this reflects light differently making the disruption stand out. Visually examining the horse for unusual hair patterns will often pinpoint energy disruptions. Energy disruptions may flow into greater or lesser disruptions and more readily guide you to the major disruptions.

Where the main disruption is is USUALLY where the problem is and quite often massaging that area may lessen and sometimes even remove the disruption.

At the very least discovering the disruption location, skeletal or muscular, gives you an idea where to start. Skeletal often requires a chiropractor, muscular often requires a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (CESMT).

When you have a vet come for lameness and they are unable to find a reason for the lameness energy sensing may show you the problem may very well be somewhere else. A bad hoof can cause an ear problem, a bad ear can cause a hoof problem. Everything is connected in a being through the energy field with messages instantly flying back and forth through the system. A function energy input disruption causes problems from "Can't put my finger on it, s/he's just a little bit off," to a "s/he can barely move."

At an Equine Energy Disruption Clinic participants learn energy sensing on a number of haltered and tied untacked horses. No comments will be made about any of the horse's conditions or probable issues. Each participant will be told to be careful their findings will not inluence other partipants.

Participants will be taught what to look for and given figure charts instructed to silently and privately record their findings for each horse. At the completion of the sensing session each individual horse's charts will be compared with each person's charts and the results compared and discussed.

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