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Welcome to Hopefully, here you will find some techniques, concepts, comments, information and ideas that will help increase your enjoyment of horses.

The foundation for my Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes / Awareness Horsemanship techniques is a procedure I call "the bonder". It makes such a marked difference in a horse's attitude that before I do anything else with a horse, I run it through the bonder. The bonder is not intended to be a regular occurrence. Most horses only need it once. Some others may need it several times, but it is not intended to be an ongoing exercise. When you see the words, "the bonder" used on this site, it is referring to this procedure. You can find freely accessed and available information on at it linked from the Index Page.

The "Bonder" is a mental procedure intended to mimic the herd leader / follower relationship dynamic that dictates how horses treat and respond to each other in a herd situation. Some folks might call this dynamic the "pecking order." The procedure inserts you into the top of the "pecking order" of the herd if done successfully.

Positioning yourself at the top of the pecking order grants you rights and privileges above the other herd members.

The herd does not exist for the benefit of the herd, it exists for the benefit of the individual. A herd individual can take ANY right it can take and hold onto against all challenges. This ability is referred to as the "pecking order." This ability establishes the horse's position in the herd with the leader who can take and hold all rights being called the Alpha and the individual who cannot take any rights ending up as the "low man on the totem pole" or in the Greek, the Omega. This "pecking order" or herd dynamic ultimately creates peace and harmony in the herd.

All peace, all comfort, all security, all safety is found in the herd. You do not have to be the fastest horse in the herd if a predator comes calling, you only need to be the second slowest. Horses are genetically pre-programmed to respond in set ways to the herd dynamic actions. When we understand the dynamics we can use them to insert ourselves into the herd as a herd leader and the horse focused on us.

The Bonder may soften or mask physical issue caused behaviors but it is not intended to address them. It is important that you first consider possible physical issues before addressing behavior issues. A horse with a very sore back will not be fully cooperative no matter how compliant it may wish to be.

WARNING NOTICE: Horse activities are inherently dangerous and should be conducted with the utmost care. Horses are heavy, living creatures capable of unexpected reactions to ANY condition. It is NOT *IF* you'll be injured but *WHEN*. If you are involved in horse activities, YOU WILL BE INJURED and those injuries can range from chipped nail polish to death. EXTREME CARE should be taken with the techniques and information on these pages. If you use these techniques and information, you assume the risks and the consequences.

I have personally known people who were killed and people who were vegetated while engaging in horse activities. It has almost happened to me on more than one occasion and IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU...PLEASE EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION!

Wear appropriate safety equipment and use great caution when working with horses.

Because I pretty much live my techniques, they are all pretty clear to me. Yeah. Right. Sometimes when I read some of my stuff I find myself thinking, "Exactly what is it I'm saying here????"

If I'm asking that, and I wrote it, it is almost certain some of you will have the same feeling. Feel free to ask ANY questions to get things cleared up in your own mind. These techniques flat work when *I* use them. And they'll work better & faster for you if you understand what it is I'm *trying* to say. I try to set aside evenings from 9 to about 12 EST for phone calls (706 816-7190) from anyone who feels the need to talk to me personally. If I'm not here, call again the next night. If you want to let me know in advance thru email when you'll be calling, that will increase the likelihood of me being here.

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