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Two Little Known "Secrets" About Horses
That Put You Ahead Of The Herd!!


I'm going to give you two little known "secrets" about horses that will increase your confidence and abilities tenfold. What I am about to share with you is a secret only in the sense few people believe what I'm about to tell you.

These two little known "secrets" have people writing and calling me from the far corners of the world seeking my advice, suggestions and help with their horses. They are also the reason for the steady stream of "hits" is enjoying.

These two little known "secrets" can dramatically increase your horse training skills.. These two secrets will get you past almost any horse problem while others are still scratching their heads wondering where to start. If you just want to get along tremendously better with your horse or horses in general, these two secrets are so powerful you'll wonder how you ever managed before.

Here they are...

First "secret"...

~~> In a few short minutes YOU *can* easily mentally connect with practically *any* horse in less time than it takes to clean a bridle - WITHOUT TOUCHING THE HORSE. <~~

You read it right! Without touching the horse!

No leadline. No halter. No violence. No fear. No restraint. It's hassle-free bonding! Many, many, many times just establishing a mental connection is enough to leave behind attention, respect, trust & fear problems. Isn't that great??

That's it. That *IS* the first "secret" - you don't have to touch the horse!

Imagine getting into your horse's head any time you want. Being on the same wavelength as your horse is a connection so intense you can use it to speed your training time, dramatically expand your problem solving abilities, increase trust, heighten respect, and correct pain - all of which give you tons more enjoyment from your horse.

And you know what else?

Once you know how to quickly establish a mental connection with your horse you'll be able to do the same thing with practically any other horse. Most horse people work for years to mentally connect with just one horse. The sad part is, after all that time, they often can only say, "I *think* we're bonding." Have you ever heard anyone say that? Have *you* said it? Months and years of working at establishing a connection (or as many say, a bond) with their horses and they can only *think* they have succeeded. They aren't sure!

They aren't sure! Imagine! All that time and effort and they cannot point to this, this, this and this and say "THERE is proof positive of our connection!" Don't you find that sad? Has that ever happened to you? Well, it has to me in the past and I'm not real enamoured with the feeling. Thank goodness I have discovered how to prevent that from happening to me ever again with any horse that is not mentally ill or hormonally imbalanced.

If you know the first little known secret that uncertainty will never happen to you - *you* can be sure of your ability to produce a rapid bonded relationship with practically *any* horse... beyond-a-doubt sure.

The secret is so simple, so basic and so effective that I occasionally shake my head in wonderment that it took me so many years to stumble on it. As rapidly as the results it produces, the understanding of the secret EXPLODED in my mind one spring afternoon. I had been using the secret without knowing it for several years before then and still producing consistent results. Problem was I used the secret to the point the horse was screaming at me, telling me it had the program. At that point I said, "Oh. Okay. I'm glad *YOU* suddenly got the idea." It wasn't the horse that had a problem getting it. I was the one with the problem.

One spring afternoon I was reading about how horses act in a herd situation and how the horses establish their ranking (or pecking order) and how they communicate their intentions and how they react when presented with the actions of horses who intend to be the herd boss. I knew all this before, but as I was reading I suddenly thought..."WAITAMINNIT HERE!!! *THAT'S* what is happening when I work with the horses!!!" Once I made that connection, I understood why, how and when my method worked.

The understanding of the herd dynamic "secret" instantly and completely removed all uncertainity and turned a process that could take weeks and months to accomplish into a process that LITERALLY happened in minutes. I cannot begin to tell you how it felt to take a dangerous to be around 19 year old Park/broodmare and in LESS than 10 minutes having her TOTALLY focused on me, following me on her own, as I wandered around in a fog going, D*%#! D*%#! D*%#! Now what?? Now what??"

It is so simple and so natural.

While others are stumbling along trying to mentally connect with their horse, you and your horse will be busily expanding your connection and going on to more and more successes. The cooperation and understanding you rapidly establish with your horse will help you go on to higher levels of training while others are still trying to get started.

What it amounts to is that you're running while they are learning to walk.

How is it possible to be so certain you can do this whenever you want???

Well, it's like this. Horses have been communicating with each other for millions of years. They understand each other instantly and completely. There is *no* misunderstanding. Horses have no problem understanding other horses, they just have difficulty understanding *humans*. When you learn to communicate with horses using horse-speak, horse reasoning and herd dynamics, you become a human who *acts* horse-like in actions and words - horse speak, as some like to call it.. The horse understands horse-speak and is genetically programmed to react predictably to specific actions.

Herd dynamics -- the genetic programming to react predictably to specific actions -- is the key to the first "secret" - how to mentally connect with practically any horse without touching it.

Developing a basic understanding of horse herd dynamics only takes a short while - you probably already know most of them, all you have to do is learn "WHY" and "HOW" and "WHEN" to use what you know. And a basic understanding is enough to immediately begin mentally connecting with practically *ANY* horse.

All in less time than it takes to clean a bridle.

The second "secret" is there are relatively few horse problems in the world. If you ask a horse owner, "How many horse problems are there in the world?' they'll probably tell you thousands. I don't know how many there are, but I'd be hard pressed to come up with forty. A horse that bucks is a horse that bucks, a horse that rears is a horse that rears, a horse that bolts is a horse that bolts, and so on.

Once you realize there aren't that many horse problems you begin to develop self-confidence.

When I work with someone's horse I give this guarantee..."No results, no charge." When I do a clinic or an event I stand right up and tell people up front, "If at the end of this event, you do not think you got your money's worth, see me at the end for a refund."

Do you know anyone else who gives that type of a guarantee??

So far, I have not had to refund any money. So far, there has not been one time that I have been unable to produce results. Oh, I'm sure at some point I'll run into someone who will show up convinced I'll be unable to do anything and I'll be refunding. But so far, it hasn't happened.

I have a reputation for horse problem-solving & communication that is spreading rapidly. I will take on *ANY* horse problem that comes through the gate as long as the horse is not mentally ill, aggressively rank or hormonally imbalanced. Depending on the situation, I may even take on some of these cases.

I have an annoyingly high confidence level when it comes to horses. I am very good at what I do. No brag, just fact.

What makes me so in-your-face cocky about my horse abilities?

What is it that gives me the confidence to say so boldly, sight unseen, with just a few words of information about a horse problem, "Bring him on, I *CAN*, take-it-to-the-bank, fix *that*!"?

The second "secret" gives me that confidence.

Think about this for a moment...

There are only so many horse problems. You bring me a horse with a problem, I have seen that problem before. It is the same problem, horse after horse after horse after horse after horse! The problems are the same over and over and over again. The ONLY difference is the individuals involved.

~~>The second "secret" is deal with the problem and NOT the individual.<~~

For the most part, horses are horses. Sure, there are individual personalities but they have rather consistent characteristics. We refer to that condition in humans as "human nature". Well, horses have a nature as well.

Horses rear for a relatively small number of reasons. Horses buck for a relatively small number of reasons. Horses bite for a relatively small number of reasons. Horses bolt for a relatively small number of reasons. And so it goes. Eliminate the reasons and the problem stops.

I am very good at eliminating reasons. But then, we've already covered that. Remember the "No brag. Just fact."?

In case you have missed the point...THESE TWO SECRETS WILL PUT *YOU* AHEAD OF THE HERD!

YOU *can* rapidly bond with practically any horse and solve horse problem after horse problem.

It is NOT rocket science.

You know why these two things I shared with you are little known "secrets"? You know why more people don't use them?

Simply put, I think it is because they are too simple. How can simplicity keep people from using these secrets?

Have you ever noticed how people are always looking for simple solutions yet pass them by to get snarled in the mysterious and complex. They scoff, "It *can't* be as cut and dried as you say. There *has* to be more to it than that!"

See for yourself...with my usual guarantee, of course.

No more waiting a month or more to resolve a problem that is eating you up.

If your horse shoves you over the edge one day you can get on the phone (706 816-7190) and say, "I'm at my wits end! Here is the problem, when can you see us?" You may be able to come immediately. No more spinning your wheels.

We will be taking on all problems that come through the gate with the exception of mentally ill or hormonally imbalanced horses. You *WILL* be able to take what you pick up at Daymark and *immediately* begin using it - not only with your horse but any other horse you come into contact with.

If you have problem you need resolved now, we can figure out a way to deal with it rather quickly.

Again, the number is 706 816-7190. The best time to call is evenings between 9 and 12Pm.

Remember the guarantee? What do you have to lose??? You will not be disappointed. This is something you can do for you and for the horses in your life.

Thank you for your time,

Marv Walker

PS: If, after beating your brains out trying to get to me and just not being able to pull it off, why not bring me to you? You could host one of my clinics in your area. or get a few of your friends together to split the costs.

Thanks again,


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