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How To Blow Away The Competition
While Preserving Your Horse And Yourself!

How I took an almost 13 hand, 700 pound horse, slapped 200+ pounds of rider & tack on its back and soundly defeated a whole passel of speed eventers during a summer long high point speed event series.

Dear Speed Eventing Friend,

A number of years ago, I was the long time President of a large saddle club and an avid speed eventer.

I was a competitive competitor. I had a really good collection of trophies and ribbons. I actually had garbage bags full of ribbons (I was going to have them done up into a quilt). Barrels, Poles, Arena Race, Keyhole, you name it. If it involved running against the clock, or someone else, I was in it. Since I was the President, all the club's shows had a good selection of games.

A couple who were members of the saddle club opened a boarding barn. To promote the barn they had planned a summer long session of high point takes it horse shows. Since they were the type of riders who only knew two speeds, GO! & WHOA!, it was a speed event series.

They came to me and asked me if I would take part in the series and show my support as Prez of the club. Evidently they thought I had more celebrity appeal than I actually did.

I turned them down because my speed eventing was getting to be old hat and I was ready to move on to other things horse wise. They persisted and I agreed to attend the first show.

On the day of the first show I went to my barn to get a horse. A whole pasture full of full sized horses and the only one who came up was a little mare, about 13 hands standing on a box, who weighed around 700 pounds. I'd purchased her a few years earlier after retraining her for a woman who was afraid of her only to have her decide to sell her.

Since I wasn't going there to actively compete, I loaded her in the trailer.

I'm telling you, if you want to get ragged on, show up at a high point speed event series with a 13 hand horse where every other horse there is a "running horse."

You shoulda heard all the snickering and seen all the smug looks.

I wasn't all that upset about the ribbing I was getting, but I was pretty ticked off that they were making fun of the little mare. There was a lot of horse in that little hide.

I then announced that I was going to take the high point and I was going to do it on the little mare.

Turns out we didn't take the high point. We missed high point by one point. We were way ahead of third place.

This video shows the strategies and concepts that left all those hot, highly trained running horses in the dust and built such a lead on them that by the fourth show they were looking for other shows with less capable competition.

And this was on a small horse who had never seen a speed event prop outside of an actual event.

In this video I explain the secrets and concepts that allowed the little mare and I to serve up a huge dish of humble pie to all those scoffers.

My videos are not glossy professional eye candy productions. They are not intended to be pretty, merely dispense some powerful information. In fact I call them "Wartznall Productions."

They are what I call "tractor" quality, nothing fancy but they turnover some ground.

My videos are "clinics in a box."

This video is a "lecture" video (I stand in front of a dry erase board and yap at the camera) and and deals only with horse speed eventing activities such as gymkhana, game, playday events involving barrels, poles, flags, keyholes and the like.

This video, as do all of my horse training videos, comes with an iron clad can't go wrong guarantee... If you don't think the information it contains is worth what you paid for it, simply email or contact me for a refund.

If you have any questions or comments Click here to email me.

Should you feel the need to talk to me personally about this video you may call me at 706 816-7190. You may call anytime but 9pm - 12pm EST increases the odds of catching me inside.

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