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Beginning Ground Driving With Your Horse

Ground driving is saddle training from the ground.

Ground driving is one more crucial brick in your horse's training foundation.

It is my goal to provide a complete beginning to end library of videos. Since horse training is a varied goal activity with inherent bumps in the road, I toss in some videos that traditionally are viewed as "problem solving" rather than "training," such as dealing with aggression, gaining respect, focusing, etc.

I'm stunned by the number of people who will take a horse, somehow manage to get a saddle and bridle on it and then climb on it to begin "training." At that point they start plow reining the horse and kicking it to get it moving.

This is a recipe for disaster. Oh sure, this is the method used by a major chunk of folks who start horses, but many problems occur because mounting a horse for the first time in this manner involves a number of things the horse must contend with.

The horse must learn to accept the bit and steer, balance the rider's weight while standing and moving, devote attention to the rider and a number of other things all at the same time. This is really quite a load (okay, so it's a pun!) to deal with all at once.

You have no idea how many people contact me after some unfortunate event that occurred during the horse's early under saddle work. By chunking under saddle work down into blocks and dealing with them alone starting from the ground you can greatly lessen the possibility of trouble and go a very long way toward building a strong working relationship with the horse.

While there is nothing you can do to completely eliminate the possibility of having horse problems, some of which are extremely dangerous, you can do a lot of things to lessen the chances of anything happening.

The starting under saddle training foundation to this video is laid out in the following videos:
Mentally Connecting With Any Adult Horse
Despooking The Horse
Teaching Your Horse To Give To Pressure And Build Softness

While none of these videos are required with this video they are very helpful in bringing a horse to this point.

My videos are unique in the horse world. They have one purpose and that is to dispense information that is simple to use and effective. They are unrehearsed and unedited, shot on location, under actual conditions, by camera operators with a wide range of videoing skills and show the actual work with the horses undergoing the training. Some concepts are repeated throughout all my videos. They are intended to expand any horse lover's awareness.

What you see is what you get. In fact, I call them Wartznall Productions. They are not intended to be pretty, just dispense powerful information.

I'm extremely pleased with the reception my videos have received.

This "Beginning Ground Driving With Your Horse" video is an actual training session that helps prepare the horse for saddle work and to strengthen horse-human communication both of which greatly decrease the chances of having under saddle work get off to a bad start.

The information laid out and demonstrated step by step in this video will bring you to a level of horse communication and connection few horse people have.

Click here to download your no obligation copy of Beginning Ground Driving With Your Horse

Thank you,

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