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How To Focus The Unfocused Horse
How To Reach The Buddy Sour Horse

So simple a 9 year old can do it.

Simple procedure saves little girl's horse!

This video, "Focusing The Unfocused Horse," was my first video ever in response to the many requests for videos I had from those who followed my techniques when I began to be better known. I originally was going to do professional quality videos until I found out just how much it would cost for me to become a video seller with a storage building full of VHS cassettes that may or may not sell. I wouldn't have had any time for horses. I replied, "Sorry. Any video you get from me will be backyard stuff." Their response was, "We don't care as long as we can get the info and see it done!"

Shortly thereafter I got an email from the mother of an extremely horse terrified 9 year old girl seeking my help who gave me permission to video it. It's a "Warts 'N All" video shot spur of the moment in the barnyard with conscripted help and borrowed equipment.

Well, this video is in keeping with that concept! It's an amateur video and it's got some glitches but it covers the most rewarding hour I have ever experienced in horses...

And like all my video products it comes with an absolute guarantee, if for any reason you think it is not worth what you paid for it simply let me know and I'll refund every cent you paid for it. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Folks from around the world come to seeking help with horse problems.

They email me, call me and come visit me looking for help with their horse problems. They also haul me around the country to do clinics where people bring their horses to me for problem solving or to learn how to develop a closer connection with them.

I'm really quite successful at helping people solve their horse problems and become closer to their horses. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't contact me and say "SoAndSo said I should contact you..."

And that's how I got this email...

My daughter Breyanna who is almost 10, has a 7 year old paint gelding, that we are having an extremely hard time gaining his full respect. We do not have a round pen, so we have to do everything on a lunge line to narrow down the space. Whenever you ask him into different gaits, he gets angry and does anything from rear up, buck, strike out with his front leg or take off at a dead run and try to rip your arm out of the socket. Also, when we try to go to horse shows together, if he can't see my horse he absolutely goes berserk. If he is in halter, he walks on her, screams, spins and makes her miserable. When riding if he can't see her at the show, he prances, screams and gets so excited she usually gets to afraid of him losing it so she just quits for the day. When at home he is usually pretty good on the ground at the walk and trot. And is pretty good riding at the walk and trot. We have been practicing alot of the Parelli stuff and have gotten some results. There just seems to be a few things we cannot seem to overcome with him. Breyanna is crazy about this horse and would love to be able to enjoy him to the fullest. We also live in Conyers and are not to far from you. I was wondering what you would charge to show her what to do with him to fully gain his respect. Or if you work with kids. If she really has a mind to keep this horse, I just want her to enjoy herself and stay safe.

My reply was, "Do I work with kids? You betcha Red Ryder, bring him on," and we set a time for them to bring both horses over.

They arrive and and her mother heads into the trailer. She reappears in the doorway, sees me and I'm tossed the leadline as she runs for cover. A 7 year old Paint gelding who is wound tighter than a clock and just waiting for an alarm to go off comes scrambling out. He's looking to see if his buddy is going to get out of the trailer and whatever else might be going to get him. I'm not real sure which way he's going to bounce and I start working him toward the round pen with the little girl nervously following about 20 feet back.

It was a little hairy but I got him into the pen in one piece, me, not him.

I'm mostly in the horse business for the warm fuzzies. This session is one of those.

Here's what Breyanna sent me a few days afterwards...






Her mother reports the two are best buds. I was invited to the next show and I penciled it in to go. I told them I'd be there if something should possibly come up and she needed me. After all, horses are horses.

I'll let Breyanna's mother tell you the story...

I was the desperate mother who wrote Mr. Walker concerning Breyanna my 10 year old daughter and her paint horse Jewel 7. I was really at the end of my lead line of watching her be so good to this horse and him treat her so bad. Not only at every horseshow would he make sure he embarrassed and humiliated her, he was becoming dangerous with his habits. She also endured lots of the same frustrations at home. He had decided that he was the leader. Breyanna was at the point of going from a horse crazy little girl, to being frightened by them. But like all of us who become attached to something, she kept trying so she did not have to sale him.

So, one night while surfing the internet trying to find others who experienced her problems, I came across Mr. Walkers web site. I was a little skeptical, but he had so many interesting things on it, that it held my interest. After reading alot of the information he had, I discovered he even lived in my area. I figured, what do I have to lose and e-mailed him. Within no time he had answered me right back. He even asked that I call him, so we could discuss it further. After talking with him we sat up a date to go to his farm.

The day came, it was so cold and very windy. Jewel came off the trailer like dynamite waiting to go off. I couldn't wait for Mr. Walker to take him from me. After finally getting him to the round pen Mr. Walker let him go. Then he turned all his attention to Breyanna. He very patiently explained what they..togather.. were going to go in that round pen and do. He also told her that if at anytime that she or I did not feel comfortable about her being in there, that she could leave. As he took her in the round pen, Jewel was busy running, bucking and ignoring you as usual. Mr. Walker gave her the whip (which he calls an extension of your arm, not really a whip) to Breyanna and started explaining what he wanted her to do and why.

Jewel played the challenging game many times, but with Mr. Walkers instructions, he was put in his place. By the end of the session, Jewel was following Breyanna (instead of dragging her), he was focused on her (not on the other horses or especially as to where mine was), at that point he actually understood where he belonged in the Jewel/Breyanna hierarchy. But better yet Breyanna was smiling after a session with him, instead of crying. He followed her back to the trailer like a puppy dog, not once paying attention to the horses running in the pasture on the way.

After he was loaded, Mr. Walker went back over what they had done and told her what she should work on at home. He also, made a point to tell her and myself that if any problems occurred to please call or write him. He even told Breyanna that to let him know when, but that he would come to her first show.

Over the course of the next couple of months while waiting on that first show, Mr. Walker called and wrote several times checking up to see how it was going. Well the big day finally came. When we got to the show, Breyanna continued to do exactly what she had been doing with him since that day. About 15 minutes before her first class (halter), sure enough here comes Mr. Walker as promised. He had to drive close to an hour just to be there. She went in her class with confidence and he behaved like a gentleman. They placed 3rd, in a really tough group of halter horses. But it wasn't about the ribbon to her nor I, it was about being able for her to just enjoy having fun and doing what she liked with the horse she really wanted have.

Thanks to Mr. Walker Jewel learned his place in the herd and Breyanna has regained her enthusiasm, confidence and determination. A horse or a person can get up on the wrong side of the corral and have a bad day sometimes, but there actions shouldn't become disrespectful or dangerous to others. As Mr. Walker puts it, It Was Mind Meeting Mind!

Thank you very much for all you done for us,

Terri & Breyanna King

This video contains the beginning to end session that rescued a young girl's failing relationship with her horse.

You will see a 9 year old girl get, and keep the attention of her pretty much totally unfocused horse without touching it during the process. You will be able to see exactly how she did it and you'll be able to do it yourself after watching her.

You will see how she is able to overcome her fear and cure her horse's separation anxieties when out of sight of his buddy.

The video is titled "Focusing The Unfocused Buddy Sour Horse." Maybe it ought to be called "The 9 Year Old's Guide To Getting Your Horse's Attention." Or "How To Reach The Buddy Sour Horse."

Imagine being able to have pretty much any horse focused on you awaiting your direction in mere minutes!

Mere minutes, without touching it.

No fighting, no endangering yourself or the horse while doing it.

Mere minutes that will help the horse leave behind attention, fear, trust and respect problems.

Impossible? Not at all. This video shows you how it's done.

This video shows you how to use the same actions horses use amongst themselves to quickly produce a focused, connected horse.

By simply presenting horses with the same actions lead horses present you can produce the same responses horses present to a lead horse. Horses are so responsive to those actions they won't stop to sort out who or what is presenting them. These actions are laid out in my two main connecting videos:

9 year old Breyanna presents those same actions to the horse to bring about the same connection they have with the herd itself. Actions that bring about respect, peace and harmony.

Surprising results from a simple little procedure demonstrated by a scared, brave little girl..

Breyanna sent me another email not too long ago...

Dear: Mr. Walker

I got two forth place ribons & Jewel did really good, he did not whenny for daytime once, at the end of the show I went a talked to the judge & he told me the reason he didn't place me any higher, it was because Jewel was, at one point trotting in the front end & walking in the rear ( i'm not shure about that one ), but anyway, the best part about my show was getting to ride around with my friend & not having to worry about him going beserk, I had more fun doing that than anything. oh & heres how it's going here at home.

I can ride "WITHOUT" a bridle now ( but with a halter & reins ) , can go ride around the paster by my self. I can even ride bareback without a bridle ( but with a halter & reins ).

It's changed my horse life, working with you.


from: Breyanna

Quite a few years after Breyanna's family came to the farm someone gave me a copy of the local paper and asked me if I knew the girl featured in the paper, "since you work with horses 'n all." It was Breyanna and Jewel. The extensive article covered their relationship and how Breyanna was a young horse trainer of note.

I've had some pretty memorable times in my 60+ years of dealing with horses. Nothing has been more rewarding than my work with these two. Nothing.

My videos are not glossy professional eye candy productions. They are not intended to be pretty, merely dispense some powerful information. In fact I call them "Wartznall Productions." There are a few moments when the audio leaves a little to be desired (This was one of my first videos before I got better sound equipment.)

They are what I call "tractor" quality, nothing fancy but they turn over some ground.

The videos are "clinics in a box."

This video is somewhere around 2 hours long and deals only with focusing unfocused horses. The essence of the video is simply demanding the horse's attention when it wanders from you.

In this video you will plainly see horses are genetically preprogrammed to respond to the herd dynamics procedure demonstrated on this video. This procedure will help you leave behind attention, fear, respect and trust problems.

The information laid out and demonstrated step by step in this video will bring you to a new level of horse communication and connection ability few horse people have.

Click here to download your no obligation copy of Focusing The Unfocused Horse / Buddy Sour Horse

If you have any questions or comments Click here to email me.

Should you feel the need to talk to me personally about this video. or any other reason, you may call me at 706 816-7190. You may call anytime but 9pm - 12pm EST increases the odds of catching me inside.

Thank you,

Marv Walker

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