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Inter-Species Communication
- Mental Messaging

I don't think there a day goes by I do not receive mental messages from animals.

I don't do too much talking about mental messages because many people start rolling their eyes and making circling motions near their ears with their fingers when I do. But mental messages constantly flow back and forth between me and animals. When I am around animals, I really feel little need to verbally talk to them because it interfere with the flow of mental messages.

I use the term mental messages to denote those times when there is no apparent connection between the sender and the recipient of the communication.

All of us have the ability to communicate wordlessly with animals. Most of us either refuse to acknowledge it or fail to use it. Mental messaging is a skill that must be used or it atrophies and becomes too weak to use.

How is it you become aware that you are being watched when the party watching you is unseen? How is it that you can tell instantly when someone has been in an area and left no sign?

I can be at the other farm and I'll see a picture of an empty water trough. I go across the road and sure enough. I go in the barn and before I start down the hallway I know one of the horses needs help.

My life simply abounds with messages from other beings (and many people but don't tell anyone). My Aussie, Jessie, who has been around for so long she wears purple, lays her head on my leg and looks at me. I start mentally picturing what I think she's after. When I hit the thing, she either abruptly, leaves or I get a stronger image of it. If it is the stronger image I receive, I then mentally tell her I'll take care of it and she leaves.

(Jessie finally died this summer after we'd been together almost 20 years and she was already a grandmother when I got her. I knew she had died and I knew where on the farm to find her body.)

My partner owned an 80+ lb Rhodesian Ridgeback. For the first 3 years of her life I hated that dog and she could leave me. I would have gladly taken her into the woods and shot her but Kellie wouldn't let me. The dog was a total moron, goofy, when you let her out you had no idea what she was going to do or where she was going to go. She'd bang into you, knock stuff over and on and on.

I was in Kellie's den looking for something and the dog was in her crate. Out of the blue I got a mental message that basically said, "If you let me go with you I'll behave." I looked around to see where that came from and she was laying there looking at me. I mentally said, "Deal." and opened the crate.

From that moment on that dog and I have been best buds. She is absolutely no trouble and considers me to be her owner.

(When Erin simply couldn't go on any longer one Sunday in the spring of 2005 I put her in her car and made the vet show up at the clinic. She was helped on lying in her favorite seat with her head cradled in my arms. We started out hating each other but ended up in the most difficult animal passing of my life.)

I had a tortise-shell cat for a few years. Whenever I wanted to know where she was all I had to do was think "Where are you?" and I'd get a mental image of what she was seeing. I'd go to that viewing point and there'd she'd be.

I find that I go long periods of time without audibly saying anything to the horses and yet we'd be continually talking to each other.

The horse who I have the greatest mental rapport with is Dee, my trail Morgan, the retired old show horse I re-trained at 19 after she returned from a long successful show career. She was another animal that had no sense of place. When we are together, the messages just stream.

There is a level of sensitivity that greatly exceeds the accepted.

Pretty much everyone is capable of receiving messages from animals. The only thing left is determining just how sensitive you can become.

When you see the curled lips and bared fangs of a determinedly approaching dog you know instinctively that the dog is saying, "This just may not be your day." If Sammy the Aussie approaches you with curled lips, bared fangs and a wiggling butt, you are getting a totally different message. He is saying, "Hi, I'm glad to see you."

Animals are constantly communicating. Every action tells you something. The cat sleeping in the envelope box at my feet is saying, "I'm comfortable, relaxed and content." When I move, the snoring dog rouses and watches (Going somewhere?) when I answer "no" by not going anywhere she closes her eyes (Okay) and in moments she is asleep again (I can wait.)

When you begin thinking in this scope it is usually a short step to "seeing" things pop up in your mind.

It also helps to not make a conscious effort to "hear" the messages. Kind of a don't try so hard mode.

An Umbrella Cockatoo we sold came back for a visit. As I held him he was looking into my face and the images about his new house were streaming from that bird. It was simply stunning. I was relating the images and the new owners were nodding patronizingly (after all, I wasn't totally unfamiliar with his new house.).

The owner's mouth dropped when I said, "He says he really likes the dog biscuits but someone took his away." Was that the way he related it to me? No. I got an image of him holding a barbell that had a grainy taste he liked and then suddenly he didn't have it anymore. I somehow "knew" what had occurred. She then said she had given him a dog biscuit then took it away because she was afraid it wasn't good for him.

Realize mental messaging happens, then just relax and let it happen. If a strange thought comes into your head, see if it might have an animal connection.

One must also learn to discern. If you have a sudden strange thought about a goofed up check book the chances of it coming from an animal are VERY slim. Check books are not a part of the animal's consciousness.

Probably the most profound mental messaging occurs in the animal's twilight.

The animal determines when that time comes and we owe it to them to be receptive. Animals are in tune with finality, they recognize and accept that life is cyclic far more than humans do.

When the time comes we gather around the animal and thank it for being a part of our lives and caress and hold it appreciatively as it drifts off. These are the moments when I am locked in tune with a being, sharing the memories.

"I loved Ol' Blue as much as any man could love man's best friend. But, when the time came, I helped him along. I owed him that much in the end." ~ Baxter Black, "Ol' Blue."

Not long after Bob and Kellie acquired another poodle because their old poodle Josie was getting well on in years Josie came and laid back against my chest rather than laying on my lap as usual while I was watching TV and out of the blue I received a "I'm going to have to leave," concept from out of nowhere.

I held her and sent her a "I understand and I will miss you terribly" message. I pictured a long stream of moments we shared together including her hating me and biting me when we'd first met, which she denied. We ended the session with her saying that she wasn't going to leave right away, but it would be soon.

The other time she did it after that it was a "I need you to help me," concept and I "knew" it was because her owners would have a hard time with her departure.

I promised her I would.

A month or so afterwards as I was about a mile from Bob and Kellie's house I got a "The pine tree is a good place even though I never went there I can see everything from there," concept.

As I got out of the car my eyes went directly to a pine tree in the center of everything and I heard the concept again.

I turned toward the house and Kellie came out on the porch and said, "Josie has had a stroke, we need to get her to the vet!"

She was lying on a towel on the bed in distress. I put my hands on her and told her I was there and she immediately quieted.

When she came home from the vet for the last time we buried her by the pine tree.

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