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This page deals with going beyond the Bonder with horses.

He writes:

Hi Marv:

You have been kind enough to let me view your bonder site, am interestred in that last part of the site where you say that the bonder is only part of a scenario of further training. Is it necessary to attend or organize a clinic to get that scenario, or do you have an on line cource I can lock onto. I am a serious horseperson and am interested. Also wondered just what might be included in the "scenario"?, trailer loading, Spanish Walk and Trot, half pass,etc.,etc.?????

I mentioned in a previous post to you that I go to Mexico soon, as I do every year, and help Mexican trainers train Andalusian stallions for bull fighting, then when I come back home wuold like to either attend a clinic at your place or somewhere else, or try to organize one up here in PA., at my farm which has round pen, outdoor dressage arena with lights, and a good room for you to stay with us, even some country cookin'

What I do is help people establish a strong mental connection with their horse and how to use that connection to accomplish whatever they want to with it, providing it's something the horse is capable of doing.

The first step is the Bonder (send any email to my autoresponder for a free copy). The bonder is so remarkable that people tend to get locked in on that. The results it produces when done properly are such that folks are satisfied with that and seldom go much beyond it.

I have long ago lost count of the number of folks who have emailed me telling me how they overcame problems with horses that had them at their wits end and credited the bonder for it. If the bonder is all that folks need from me, there is something to be said for that.

But there is also operating in the compliant attitude the bonder sets up. Kind of like operating on a higher plateau. I don't do a lot of Spanish Walk work (none in fact) but I can show anyone who does do it how to get much more cooperation from the horse by communicating with it better. I show people how to more readily locate and get past the physical and mental blocks.

The horses are more a hobby than anything else. While I will do clinics for folks who want to set them up and I on rare occasions do them myself close to home, I rely on what folks want me to do.

If folks want to go onto to higher levels then clinics are always an option. But I believe that reading and re-reading my site and emailing me for clarification will make someone quite proficient in what I do. Of course there is no substitute for hands on work with me watching on and commenting.

There have been quite a number of folks who attended my clinics somewhat fuzzy about the concepts they had picked up on my site and my list but after a short time grasped the concepts.

I imagine your preservation work with the Mexican horses is very rewarding and certainly puts you in the "serious horseman" category. It might be interesting to combine our talents at your farm and put on a real show - you demonstrating the mechanics and me demonstrating the mental.

I demonstrate how to develop a trusting, connected animal that will do what I ask it to do. I then take that animal and do what I want to do with it.

I have slept in some mighty spartan places and eaten some mighty spartan meals. Your accommodations sound luxurious.

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