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How 55 Years of Horses Have Taught Me How To Get Inside The Head Of Practically *ANY* Horse In Mere Minutes And How To Use That Connection To RAPIDLY Resolve Trust, Fear, And Respect Issues, Quickly Resolve Problems And Greatly Enhance And Speed Training...

You, yes, you, can learn the same thing in *two* days and save 54 years, 11 months and 29 days...

Imagine yourself in a crowd of folks gathered around a round pen watching a horse that is racing around pitching a fit, wild-eyed, screaming his lungs out for his buddies and paying absolutely no attention, nada, zip, to anyone watching and acting as if he had no idea anyone was there, or that he even cared...

You hear the comments of your fellow observers drifting through the air...

"Nuts!" "What a handfull!" "No respect!" "Spoiled!" "Oughta sell 'im!" "I wouldn't wanna be in there with him!"

Now then, imagine the looks on their faces when you go into the pen with him and in a few minutes that same horse is standing quietly and respectfully beside you awaiting your direction and tolerating pretty much anything you do to him...

And you did it all without even touching the horse! No halter! No leadline! You were able to control and predict every movement the horse made!

Let me tell you what you will have the spectators saying then...

"If I had not seen it, I wouldn't have believed it!" "It woulda taken me weeks to get that far!" "That is the most amazing thing I've seen!" "Just like one of them Horse Whisperers we been hearin about!"

Because that's what people around the world have been saying about Marv Walker's Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes / Awareness Horsemanship techniques.

Because that's what people say when they watch me work horses...

"I'm still amazed each time I ride him and work with him, how quickly and easily you and your bonder technique changed him and his life. I can never Thank you enough for taking the time to help us with him. Also, I Thank you for teaching me your technique, I have been able to help 3 other problem horses to turn their lives around and become good trustworthy horses. I have a new problem horse coming in, in two weeks and am looking forward to doing the bonder with him. I love watching a horse that has problems, change right before my eye's. I truly believe in what you said, that with the bonder the horse now knows his position in my herd and in life. I can feel the anxiety and tension leaving their body as they start to understand what is wanted and expected of them." ~ Linda in AZ....and her new trail horse 'Tequila'

And that's what they will be saying about you after you attend a Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes / Awareness Horsemanship clinic and learned the techniques first hand!

Horse after horse after horse after horse after horse, you'll be able to produce consistent results that will leave others shaking their heads in disbelief at what you can accomplish with a horse.

"Hi Marv - Just wanted to let you know that the 2 day clinic I attended in Georgia last year was the most beneficial and eye-opening (not to mention mind-opening) horse-related experience I have ever had. I found the results you produced nothing short of amazing, particularly considering the short amount of time you spent with each horse. And the fact that I could produce the same results almost immediately after watching you is astounding!! I thoroughly enjoyed the clinic, enjoyed meeting and working with you, and I hope that everyone that owns or hopes to own a horse is equally fortunate. The "Bonder" should be a requirement! ~ Christa in MI.

You'll learn de-spooking techniques, starting under saddle techniques, problem solving techniques, trust building techniques, respect setting techniques and other techniques all built on the famous Marv Walker Bonder.

Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes / Awareness Horsemanship techniques allow to mentally connect with practically any horse in mere minutes and use that connection to greatly reduce, if not eliminate completely, fear and trust issues, resolve problems and enhance training.

"This is the mare I posted about recently that was going to be put down because of her aggression toward her rescuer. When she was unloaded last night, SE. left the halter and lead on, and made me promise I wouldn't go in with her if I was home all by myself. Well, I couldn't stand it any longer, so I went out as soon as it was light enough to feed. I wanted to get the halter and lead off as I don't like this method at all.

I wanted to start a mental connection with her and give her an impression of me as her new leader. I took my Dressage whip in with me because it has a silver colored knob on the end and I like to give a horse something to focus on about me. When I don't have gloves on (it was 24 deg!) I wear a sparkly ring on my hand. I began to move the mare around a bit at a walk and slow trot and to turn her both directions. It was hard because she kept tripping on the darn lead rope. I let her stop and she lowered her head, keeping her near ear bent toward me, and she had a curious sideways look at me. I got close enough to pick up the end of her lead, no sign of any agression. I talked quietly to her, then reached out to touch her neck. I guess I did this a bit too soon, but I wanted to see what she would do. She lifted her head along with her near front foot, her eyes got big. But, the body language and mental message I got from her was: Who are you? Can I trust? What are you going to do?

I quietly shook the end of the lead rope, she stepped back quietly and didn't bolt or attack, we just looked at each other. I walked up, stroked her neck, she calmed down. Her other reaction could have been to immediately and easily flatten me. I have a very bad back and cannot move as quick as I used to. I unbuckled the halter with one hand while I rubbed her neck with the other hand and then I stepped back. I asked her to move out again at a walk and then a slow trot, turned her back and forth, then had her stop. The whole time going both directions, she had her inside ear sticking straight out toward me. I had her stop, she put her head down licking and chewing, no agression at all. I didn't want to go any farther in this session, so next one I'll see if I can get her to come up to me and then follow me around to complete the "bonder".

I think that all this mare wanted was to be told where she fit in and she was mis-labeled as overly agressive. If I wouldn't have taken her in, she would have been humanely put down, and I'm so happy I got the chance to have her here.

I looked up her unusual coloration in both of Sponenberg's books and it turns out she is a "lobo dun". Dark bluish-blackish body, black legs/mane/tail/dorsal stripe. And icing on the cake when sunrise revealed not one but two transverse wither stripes and numerous leg stripes behind her front legs. She has Spanish-type conformation, too, and huge eyes with ears that tip inward. She doesn't have the bar N Navajo brand, which makes me think she might be younger than the 5 yrs she's estimated to be.

She spent her life on the range running free but also starving. Now I'll see what I can do with her. These Least Resistance Training Concepts and Marv Walker's Bonding Method have built up my confidence in my ability to train in a gentle way, and have become so ingrained in me.

I was about to give up rescuing equines due to the financial burden of it all, but I just can't give up when it's such a simple process to gentle these creatures that just need a chance. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. ~ Monica in NM, Rancho del Lobo Loco.

Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes / Awareness Horsemanship techniques are easy to learn. Yes, it DID take me a lot of years. But I spent a lot of time exploring dead ends, searching out solutions, testing, questioning, other words, trial and error. So much trial and error, in fact, that I call myself a "Cereal Cowboy" (I Snap, Crackle & Pop when I move).

You can learn from my mistakes. There is a lesson in the old line, "I'm willing to make mistakes so folks can learn from them." I can't guarantee you'll never get hurt using Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes / Awareness Horsemanship techniques because horses are horses and you will be injured at some point if you are involved with horses, but I can tell you, you're LESS likely to be injured by a horse when you are mentally connected with it.

One way you can learn the techniques and concepts is by regularly visiting and reading the pages there. Another tool to go along with that is to join the HORSES discussion list and sharing your experiences with others on the list. In addition to your visits to I am as close as your keyboard if you are having problems and need some assistance.

Another easier, faster way to learn is to attend or host your own Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes Horsemanship clinic. That way you can dive right in and begin learning AND applying the principles on a number of horses and seeing just how consistent Mind Meeting Mind techniques really are.

The understanding you'll gain will enable you to immediately begin experiencing results I see and hear about from Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes technique users around the country and the world. You will see, first hand, how dependable these techniques actually are.

While my appearance fee for a two day clinic of $1200, round trip air fare, and lodging (private home is fine) may seem like a lot of money, and it is when you have to pay it out of your pocket alone. However, spread out among a dozen or so other folks, the cost becomes VERY REASONABLE. Depending on your situation and the facilities available to you, your cost could be much less than a $100 for a weekend of very intensive horse experience that *WILL* give you a much wider selection of tools to use when you run up against your next horse problem.

Start planning for your clinic now. The sooner you have your clinic, the sooner you'll be able to see first hand what Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes Horsemanship is all about. You may want to talk to some of your friends about joining you in hosting a Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes / Awareness Horsemanship clinic. While you *can* do it alone, it'll be easier with help.

Here are the steps...

Decide where to hold your clinic. All we really need is a place with a round pen and room for whatever horses are brought to the clinic. Ideally, there should be stalls available for the horses, but if tying to the trailer is all that's available, that'll be fine as long as everyone knows what's available for the horses.

Decide when to hold your clinic. This will depend on the facility availability, your availability and mine.

Determine your costs. You'll need to add up facility rental, my fee and any other expenses you may have.

Determine your attendance fees. You have will people who want to bring their horses for hands-on experience or seeking help with a problem, you will have people who cannot bring a horse but they'll want hands-on as well and you will have spectators (auditors) who will just want to watch. When I put on my own clinics locally, I usually spread my costs among the hands-on folks and the auditor fees are just gravy.

Begin letting people know you're hosting a MMIM clinic. Work out your advertising.

Keep me informed. Let me know what's going on. I can help with any problems, promotions, questions, planning, what have you and make suggestions to help you have a memorable clinic.

Send me a round trip ticket from Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport about a month before the clinic dates. I can leave anytime the day before the clinic and I can leave for home anytime the day after the clinic.

A Mind Meeting Mind In Minutes clinic will expand your horse skills tremendously. You'll be able to connect with practically any horse so rapidly it will amaze anyone who watches you in action. You'll never be stumped by a horse problem again.

"I currently have 2 rescue horses who have been neglected and abused. The last rescue was a Stallion who was a real head case. By using your methods I have been able to take this horse that everyone was afraid of (farrier, vet, previous owner), and saddle him and ride him. I am a 38 year old mother of 5. This was a horse that no one could touch. Marv your methods have cut months or maybe even years off the work I would have had to do with this horse using conventional methods. I have had him for a month. The neighborhood horse expert who uses conventional methods for her horses can't believe her eyes. ~ Trish Dukeman, Homosassa, FL

Most of life's successes result from simply taking action. Email me now by clicking here and say, "Okay, Marv, I want to be able to get inside a horse's head in mere minutes! Let's do it! I want to hold a clinic so I can learn easier and faster!"

If you would rather call me and talk about it, my number is 706 816-7190 and I'm usually here from 9pm to 12pm. If you want to email me to set up a time to call to make sure I'm here, click here.

Why wait one minute longer? The sooner you start, the sooner your knowledge of horses will advance to the next level. Contact me now, 706 816-7190. You won't regret it.

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