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Herd Dynamics: Psychology Of Fear In Horses

This series is the result of an email I received from a graduate student who was interested in doing a scientific study of my methods as one of her assignments. I was quite pleased to say the least because such a study would either prove or disprove my theories under stringent conditions.

The exchange was a public discussion that occurred on my Horses discussion list after she followed my original suggestion to subscribe to it.

I am beyond confident that my theories are accurate. Does that mean they are? No, of course not. Many of the things we accept as true are not. One obtains the most value from knowledge by continually testing it. While I can conclusively demonstrate my theories and concepts work, because we are dealing with horses here, it is difficult to provide a constant that will satisfy academic criteria.

For example, one would need a group of horses all exhibiting the same constant if one were to prove or disprove Marv Walker's Bonder altered fear reactions in say, spooking. In order for the "study" to be conclusive we would have to have a group of horses who spooked in the same manner, to the same degree, under the same circumstance. We would have to eliminate ALL the variables which we cannot do with horses. Then we would have to perform the bonder and then evaluate the results to come to a conclusion.

Every proposed format for the "study" has been rejected by the instructor on the basis that the constants are not constant enough. Not being a horse person, the instructor has set limits on the study that are not producible with horses. Being an academic requires there be no variables to arrive at a provable conclusion.

The study also has further problems in that the graduate student is a multilingual in languages where words, nuances and so on, while spelled the same way, have several different meanings and I'm a Cedar Savage from the swamps of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who has been a long time resident of Georgia.

As in all the communications I receive from folks, I have made no attempts to edit the student's emails as to vernacular, spelling or expression. If anything in her writing (or mine) seems confusing it is because of the language barrier - I may not have understood what she was saying and/or she may not have understood what I was saying..

I have arranged the exchange in a series with "back" and "forward" links.

Marv "Most of our horse's fears are in our heads." Walker

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