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Picking The Winning Horse In A Race

Hi just been reading your listing about the horse info u provide on ebay. I have a question for you which I doubt you have been asked before.

Having read your auction listing is appears you know a bit about a horses psychological profile, so I was wondering whether you use this kind of info where it may be used as an advantage in the sport of horse racing? Over here in the uk the sport of horse racing is very popular and alot of bets are taken on several high profile races.

I am curious to know do u bet on horse racing in the USA with the knowledge you have about horses, or do u only provide info about them?

You state that if a horse is more dominant than others then it is likely to lead the pack, with the others likely to follow behind, is this right? If so this would make an interesting viewpoint in a race whereby a horse is clear favourite to win, ie it has better fitness, form, etc, but due to a more dominant horse being in the race, this would influence whether a favourite would win or lose? It would be interesting to hear whether any horse racing tipsters from over here in the uk, have been in contact with you about this.

I would be interested to hear what you have to say, thanks for your time.

You are absolutely right, of all of the questions I have been asked before, no one has ever asked me that.

No, I do not bet on horses. Actually, I try not to gamble in any form, the odds are pretty much against the bettor, which is why I bet they call it gambling.

The herd leader / follower relationship principles I use would only be of benefit if I could observe ALL the horses entered in a race all together in a herd situation free of human influence. The breeders are not at all likely to let this happen.

Under those circumstances I would be able to tell the real leader. The rest of the herd would be reluctant to pass him / her and would only need to keep the leader in sight. Notice I said "reluctant." Because when we put humans on their backs we are introducing another variable. The human influence could likely be enough to cause an individual to pass the leader.

Another factor that would limit winner picking is all the horses in a race are pretty much uniform in age, training, condition and carried burden. And the winner is the one who arrives at the finish line first.

Now if they allowed me to bet on losing horses, oh, say, like picking 10 losing horses out of 10 races, I might be tempted. I'm pretty sure I can find an individual horse in the group who won't win the race. It won't have anything to do with its leader / follower position. It will be because of conformation / movement differences.

Finding the individual who will win from the cream of the pack is another matter. Once you get into separating this group you are dealing with some very elusive variables.

And if I could pick winners do you really think I'd tell you?

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