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Speaking Horse

Suppose for a moment you were taken from the world you understand and live comfortably in and dropped somewhere where they spoke a language and had customs totally unknown to you, oh, say, right smack into some remote tribe somewhere in the jungles of New Guinea.

What do you think that would be like?

It would be somewhat like taking a horse from a world it understands and lives comfortable in and putting it right smack in the middle of a world where it neither speaks the language or understands the customs, oh, say, the human world.

It's done all the time and people demand the horse understand what is expected of it and force will be used until it complies with the demands of the human world.

This eventually develops a happy medium relationship. A happy medium relationship is where both parties can live within the relationship as long as neither party does anything the other party can't tolerate. If either party does anything the other party can't live with the relationship goes down the drain.

Suppose a New Guinean came to your country, learned your language and your customs then took you back to New Guinea. S/He would then be a bridge between your two worlds and you'd get along much better even though the world was different.

Much better, right?

When one goes into the horse world and learns the language and customs then brings the horse into the human world, the human is able to act as a bridge between the two worlds.

Instead of having a happy medium relationship there is a dependent relationship where one party looks to the other for guidance.

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Horses have a relatively simple language. Much simpler than English. With a little effort and determination one can learn to speak horse and talk to it in a manner it understands.

Horses are genetically pre-programmed to react in a set manner to set actions. Once you learn what actions that cause what reactions you can use them to your advantage while your horse is in the human world.

For an example of how these actions work you can email for a free text copy of the herd dynamic procedure I use with every horse I work with. In a few moments you'll receive an auto-response telling you some things I want you to know and where to find the procedure on the net.

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