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She's Not My Horse Any More
- I Want Her Back!

Photos by Kellie S. Sharpe. This takes a bit to load because of the pics...

She: "She was gone for a month and when I got her back she wasn't my horse. Our relationship has changed, we aren't as close as we used to be, she just won't listen..."

Me: "And now you want your horse back?"

She: "Yes! I want my horse back!"

Me: "Okay. In a few minutes your problem will be resolved. I 'take it to the bank' promise you."

"Since you seem to think you don't need me...leave now!"

"Now I want you to leave in this direction!"

"Oh? NOW you want it to be like it used to be, do you?"

"Come with me and we'll go talk it over a bit."

"This seems like a good direction, let's go back to our trailer."

"I have my horse back..."

At NO TIME did she have any physical contact with her horse, leadline or otherwise. The halter and leadline are only on the horse as a safeguard control device SHOULD it be needed. This took less than a half hour including instruction and neither the owner nor the horse worked up a sweat (in an Arizona desert), became frustrated or unsure.

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